Packard-Bell Power Anomaly

Object Class:

Blank room with no power sources whatsoever for SCP-XXXX to draw electricity from. Single table holding the object and a vat of water to be used only in emergencies.

SCP-XXXX appears to be an old Packard-Bell desktop computer. The object was retrieved from an abandoned primary school in [REDACTED], aroundabouts Ullapool, Scotland. When activated, SCP-XXXX will cause serious power usage from any electricity in whatever area it is switched on. Apart from this massive anomaly, everything seems to be how the desktop would've been on purchase, however many features are obsolete. Subjects managed to get to the internet dial-up screen before the computer used up the last of the staffroom's energy, to various complaints. PLEASE NOTE: When tested, several power based SCPs - including SCP-1867 (the coffee machine) - did not turn off. The SCP appears to have preferences towards other anomalous objects, supplying sufficient power to them in certain situations, explaining incident [DATA EXPUNGED].