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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept, with batteries removed, inside a standard containment locker, in Anomalous Storage Area ██-█, in Site ██.

Access to the item is to be authorized by a Researcher with at least a Level 3 Cleareance, in written form. The recipient will recieve a keycard permitting the opening of the locker, until expiral of the authorization.

Personnel experimenting on the item are to wear sound-cancelling earphones. The item is to be provided with a source of power only in a soundproof testing room, and always kept without batteries the rest of the time.

UPDATE 15/05/████ - REVISED SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Following Incident XXXX-01, access to SCP-XXXX is prohibited. The item is to be kept in a soundproof containment locker, located under a Faraday Cage, in Isolated Containment Cell ██, in Site ███.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small battery-powered AC-only portable radio, of the ███████ brand. Dimensions are approximately 20x12x10 cm.

When powered by two standard AA batteries, SCP-XXXX will play mostly static, but precisely every hour it will play a message, with a feminine synthetized voice stating the current hour and date1, preceded and followed by a jingle.

At the time of writing, Foundation Researchers have not been able to locate the broadcast's origin.

At random occurrences, the message will state an hour and date different than the current one. People2 listening to the broadcast will either age or rejuvenite in accord to the date spoken, possibly resulting in the subject's death. Subjects retain memories, even if formed in a date successive to the one broadcasted. In a similar fashion, if the date is in the future, no additional memories will be created.


INCIDENT XXXX-01 [06/03/20██]: At hours 23:42:12, a radio in Researcher █████'s office spontaneously begun transmitting the broadcast, referring hours 11:30, 17/02/22██, resulting in the researcher's exposure to the effect, and subsequent death. Following this incident, it is assumed that SCP-XXXX has the potential to spread it's effect to surrounding radio devices. Reflecting this change in behavior, class and containment procedures have been updated, and research begun on how to prevent the spread.

Researcher █████'s radio has been temporarily classified as SCP-XXXX-1, and used in testing until 13/01/20██, when it was destroyed by the Foundation, as it was deemed not important enough as to warrant containment costs.

Through research, it has been determined that, every eleven (11) anomalous broadcasts recieved3 by SCP-XXXX, the anomaly will be spread to another suitable radio device, which will start broadcasting the non-anomalous message at the same time as SCP-XXXX, although the anomalous message will trigger at a different time.

Isolating SCP-XXXX from radio waves via use of a Faraday Cage seems to be sufficient to negate the effect.

Following this discovery, current containment procedures have been implemented.