Cyrus Firedawn
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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: [TODO]

Description: SCP-4000 consists of two interconnected spatiotemporal anomalies hereon referred to as SCP-4000-A and SCP-4000-Ω.

SCP-4000-A refers to an area of land measuring 2.3km in diameter, located in Norfolk, England. Four man-made dirt roads enter into SCP-4000-A, each road roughly aligned to the four cardinal directions (referred to as ENT-N, ENT-S, ENT-W and ENT-E). The immediate area surrounding SCP-4000-A exhibits high levels of negative temporal distortion, often in excess of -1.1kTmp, causing objects brought in to the area of effect to experience gradual temporal regression on a quantum level. The negative temporal distortion is measured to increase at varying intervals towards the geometric center of SCP-4000-A, reaching intensities capable of causing temporal regression on macro scales.

The spatial anomalies discovered regarding SCP-4000-A come in two major forms, most notably the apparent density of space within the area. Currently, the estimated diameter of SCP-4000-A's condensed interior is 2150±200km. The second major spatial anomaly manifests when attempting to enter SCP-4000-A. Entities (animate or inanimate) attempting to enter and/or navigate SCP-4000-A without using one of the four ENT roads, will disappear when simultaneously more than 2km from any road with SCP-4000-A, or the edge of SCP-4000-A's area of effect. Any communications maintained will cease immediately, and no trace of the entity will remain. So far, the only known method of traversing SCP-4000-A is by following the roads that exist throughout the area of effect.

There are estimated to be over 3,400,000 animate entities residing with SCP-4000-A. Most of the entities (85%) encountered have been humanoid. Hostility varies (See Exploration Logs).

SCP-4000-Ω resides at the center of SCP-4000-A and current records support the hypothesis that it is responsible for the spatiotemporal anomalies within SCP-4000-A. SCP-4000-Ω appears as a human in business attire, holding an umbrella, however, this is now believed to be an illusion created to ease communication (see Exploration Log D). So far, only two encounters with SCP-4000-Ω have been recorded, leading to a vast lack of data regarding the entity. Its origin, goal, and motivation (if any) are currently under speculation.