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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX consists of six main components based within a large man-made cavern hidden 500m under ███████, UK. The six components are as follows:

  • SCP-XXXX-01: A series of 46 interconnected parallel data processing units of custom design, each containing a terminal with which to interact with SCP-XXXX-01. The units feed data to and from a cylindrical relay station that dominates the center of the cavern, measuring 15.3m in height, and 7.1m in diameter. Surrounding the relay station are 8 sub-stations resembling operating tables, each of which is connected to the relay station by numerous cables, tubes and intravenous devices set in place to supply necessary nutrition and nourishment to those residing on the sub-stations. SCP-XXXX-02 to 05 currently occupy 4 of the sub-stations. The remaining 4 are unoccupied.
  • SCP-XXXX-02: A biologically male human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 1st sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-03: A biologically male human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the 3rd sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-04: A biologically female human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the fourth sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-05: A biologically female human, estimated to be ██ years old. Currently resides on the eighth sub-station of SCP-XXXX-01.
  • SCP-XXXX-06: A bulbous metallic mass sitting atop the relay station section of SCP-XXXX-01, measuring 8m in diameter and 4m in height. Printed on its side is the term "BIG-B.A.D." (see SCP-XXXX-01 Retrieved Documents - bigbadintro.txt).

SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 currently reside within a simulation of modern Earth being created by SCP-XXXX-01. The simulation has shown to follow largely similar event cycles present in reality. As events occur in reality, they subsequently occur within the simulation with an average delay of 23 hours.

The main difference between reality and the simulation is the almost complete lack of anomalous entities, including the presence of the SCP Foundation and various other GoIs. While anomalous activity has been seen to occur within the simulation, the hazards created by these events are minimal and mostly go unnoticed, except by the occasional simulated conspiracy theorist.

Extensive analysis of non-simulation data located within SCP-XXXX-01's databanks has lead to an understanding that SCP-XXXX-06 poses a substantial threat to humanity and our reality as we know it, possibly resulting in a CK-Class Reality Restructuring scenario and at worst, a ZK-Class Reality Failure event, should SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 be awoken. As long as at least one of SCP-XXXX-02 through 05 is connected and present within the simulation, SCP-XXXX-06 will remain inactive.

So far, no means to deactivate SCP-XXXX safely have been discovered.

SCP-XXXX-01 Terminal Access: On 11/13/20██, the Foundation Security Penetration team managed to successfully obtain root access to SCP-XXXX-01's Operating System and establish administrator privileges for various Foundation researchers with adequate clearance. Terminal access may be permitted to Level 3 and above personnel only. To apply for an account on the system, please contact the project director, Dr. Harsky.

SCP-XXXX-01 Retrieved Documents: Since establishing access to the SCP-XXXX-01's database via the terminals, the following files have been discovered:

Addendum 01 - 02/02/20██: Since SCP-XXXX's discovery, the simulation present in SCP-XXXX-01 had been maintained by Foundation staff successfully, and the stable psychological boundaries established within the documentation present in SCP-XXXX-01's databanks had been held across SCP-XXXX-02 through 05.

However, on 01/28/20██, anomalies began to manifest in the simulation that are consistent with those recorded by former Better Earth Initiative employees, shortly before their demise.

Due to this, various technologically proficient Foundation personnel have been assigned to the formation of a Cyber Task Force (CTF). Those working as part of the CTF will actively seek and eliminate any anomalous activity present within the simulation, in order to keep the Candidates unaware of their situation.

Addendum 02 - 07/19/2007: SCP Foundation documentation was discovered to have appeared in the simulation. The files concerning SCP-173 were found posted by an anonymous user on a public imageboard website. The CTF has since removed all trace of the post, however, they have been unable to find the source of the post, neither within the simulation nor within reality.

The CTF has been designated further personnel for the purpose of monitoring web forms within the simulation in case of further SCP information breaches.

Addendum 03 - 01/22/2008: SCP information breaches have increased exponentially since the first, reaching a point that is overwhelming the assigned CTF. On 01/02/2008, SCP-XXXX-██ was exposed to two of these leaked files and has since taken an interest in their content.

Due to the inability of the CTF to safely prevent these data leaks further, a new operation has been put in to effect to minimize the damage caused, known as Operation Ghost Writer.

SCP documentation is to periodically be released on to a Foundation run website, created on 01/19/2008, under the guise of a creative writing community centered around paranormal entities. The website is to be an accurate representation of the Foundation but treated as fiction.

Addendum 04 - 11/08/20██: Operation Ghost Writer has so far proven successful in keeping SCP-XXXX-02 through SCP-XXXX-05 ignorant of the truth, all 4 of which have taken an active interest in the website. SCP-XXXX-██ and SCP-XXXX-██ in particular having jointly contributed ██ articles to the website so far.

As a result of these additional articles, genuine SCP documents will need to be uploaded with an offset to their actual designated value to avoid replacing the articles written by SCP-XXXX-02 through SCP-XXXX-05.

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