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"The Scarecrow"

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 5 meters by 5 meters by 2.5 meters tall containment chamber with walls constructed of military grade reinforced iron which is 50 centimeters thick in depth. The room has four (4) bullet-proof-one-way-mirrors which is 12.5 centimeter thick in depth, and able to let staff see in to the chamber. SCP-XXXX must be monitored by two video surveillance cameras within the containment chamber at all times, and have one (1) non-lethal armed guard stationed at SCP-XXXX's containment chamber at all times.

SCP-XXXX is allowed to be given a 1 meter wide by 50 centimeters tall standard whiteboard along with one (1) black and one (1) red non-toxic dry-erase markers. This is so that the subject can use these supplies alternatively, as a substitute for the blood that SCP-XXXX usually writes it's cryptic messages with.

SCP-XXXX is allowed to wander the facility's cafeteria once a week for an hour (not during the hours of 06:00 and 13:30) and non-restricted hallways, but must be accompanied by three (3) non-lethal armed guards. The guards must follow it at a distance of at least 5 meters away, and have a guard stand at each doorway that leads to a restricted area or a non-permitted area. SCP-XXXX will avoid all living beings, it is required that all guards and personnel know this about the subject.

SCP-XXXX is a human-like creature who's physical features somewhat resemble that of a traditional scarecrow with several differences in appearance. It covers itself in a ripped, tattered pitch black cloth. The cloth is not part of SCP-XXXX's physical body and does not seem to wear it for warmth or any other logical reason, but instead for sentimental reasons (See addendum B-1). It is approximately 1.75 meters tall, it's height can only be estimated because of it's posture. A psychologist, Dr. ████ was brought in to study SCP-XXXX's behavior and has diagnosed it with depression, generalized anxiety and social anxiety. The reason why it's depressed is unclear, but it is believed to be the reason as to why it slouches, moves slowly and usually keeps it's head down.

SCP-XXXX has (3) limbs and stands on (2) legs. It's skin has a leathery texture which is wrapped by leather belts, straps and metallic buckles. It wears a gas mask of unknown origin which may be part of it's body, more testing is still required to confirm this theory. It also has black opaque tubes that come out of it's chest just below the collar bone that attaches to the gas mask on it's face.
It's anatomy is very similar to an average human male's body except for a few key differences. It's body does not contain bones (as shown in an x-ray of the SCP) and It is still unconfirmed if it has any organs.

In a recent experiment researchers have found that when physical harm is directed to SCP-XXXX, it will teleport away from the object or person that intended to harm it. The subject seems to have a limited radius in distance that it can teleport to, the farthest recorded distance SCP-XXXX has gone by teleporting is 2.3 kilometers. There is no proof that it does teleport, all eye witnesses that have been near or in a line of sign of SCP-XXXX when it teleports have been knocked down and unable to see it disappear. Recorded footage from surveillance cameras also can't confirm that it does disappear, because the moment SCP-XXXX is harmed all video and photographic recording devices begin to lose focus until the recorded video or picture are just seen as a single blur. After it teleports all video and photographic recording devices have their focus restored. It only teleport away to obstructed and unobserved areas of the complex, then begins to wander around the halls. SCP-XXXX only teleports if physically harmed. It is extremely important to not have the subject harmed in any way, to prevent loosing it. The subject doesn't seem to bleed when physically harmed, although this is difficult to confirm since harming SCP-XXXX makes it teleport away from whatever is harming it.

It's only other limb is an arm located on the left side of it's body. It is believed that it's missing a right arm, mainly because it holds it's right shoulder with it's hand when ever it starts to bleed. The bleeding happens spontaneously at unpredictable times, it is still unknown why this happens to SCP-XXXX. The bleeding has been recorded to last as long as (2.5) hours and as little as (2) minutes. SCP-XXXX's arm is 1.5 meters in length and drags along the ground behind it while a metallic scraping sound. The arm's length is unproportionate to the size of it's body. It has been reported being seen by guards to extend it's arm approximately twice the original length, this only occurs when SCP-XXXX is frightened or harassed over a long period (See addendum A-1). From it's shoulder to 35 centimeters down it's arm is composed of organic material and seems to be part of SCP-XXXX's original body. The rest of it's arm is an unknown metal that seems to be a prosthetic attachment. The design of the attachment is quite thin, similar to the organic part of it's arm. The subject's prosthetic arm has a hand that consists of (3) metal fingers that are composed of the same base material of it's bionic arm.

SCP-XXXX purposely avoids all humans, this may be because of the subject's social anxiety. If a human gets too close to the subject it will turn to them and produce a violent scream which is difficult to hear. The scream is strong enough to knock down a fully grown human male. It is advised to keep a 5 meter distance from SCP-XXXX when inside it's containment chamber or during it's walk.

SCP-XXXX has been reported to write in cryptic english sentences using blood, the blood doesn't match any personnel in the foundation's database, it also doesn't match SCP-XXXX's blood that it bleeds from it's right shoulder at random times. The subject would often write on walls or the floor and occasionally on the ceiling, but rarely ever on furniture or anything else. Some of the subject's first writings appeared to be warnings directed to no one in particular. Perhaps it does this for all who read it or for itself, nothing has happened to or near SCP-XXXX to have needed it's warnings, more surveillance is required to further study the meaning of it's messages.
SCP-XXXX's messages are it's only way of communication to the foundation's staff so far. It's vocabulary of the english language is limited, but it does understand english when being talked to (See addendum B-2). At this time SCP-XXXX is scheduled to see a literature teacher that works for the foundation to help SCP-XXXX increase it's vocabulary of the english language to better communicate with it.

SCP-XXXX seems to have a fascination for apples (See addendum A-2). The subject does not consume or destroy the apple, it just stares at it, an apple is able to distract SCP-XXXX from any activity that's currently engaged in. This was discovered when a researcher was eating their lunch while observing SCP-XXXX. The subject stopped writing one of it's cryptic messages as soon as the researcher bit into her apple, the subject then turned and looked in the direction of the apple. The reason as to why apples fascinate SCP-XXXX is still unknown.

SCP-XXXX was found wandering an abandon mental health asylum located in Canada, █████. An escaped convict fled to the asylum while being pursued by local police. The authorities soon after found the convict unconscious on the floor of the main hallway. Confused, the police were then able to bring the convict back to their precinct for questioning. When the criminal awoke he had a terrified expression on his face, it wasn't the fact that his attempt to escape failed, but because of what happened before police found him in the asylum. He was rambling on about a monster he saw in the asylum. When the criminal calmed down he explained that a one-armed monster screamed at him which also knocked him down and made him become unconscious. The police didn't believe the convict's story, but were still curious of how the criminal was knocked out while in an abandon building.
So the local authorities sent a squad to patrol and search the area for anything suspicious. After a week of patrol the squad returned with the exact same symptoms and claiming that they've encountered the same creature the convict encountered. This was about the time that the SCP foundation found out about SCP-XXXX. The foundation sent a couple of agents to find and retrieve SCP-XXXX.

Addendum A-1:
The first time SCP-XXXX showed signs of aggression. SCP-XXXX was being harassed by a SCP foundation guard named Markus ███ that continued to harass and provoke the SCP for approximately 23 minutes until the SCP turned to the guard, extended it's arm and grabbed the guard's neck, and held him about 50 centimeters off the ground. An interview of the guard after the incident was recorded and is attached below.

Interviewed: Markus ███
Interviewer: Dr. ████
Foreword: An SCP guard, Markus ███ was attacked by SCP-XXXX just a moment ago. Dr. ████ was accompanying Markus ███ and two other guards that were supervising one of SCP-XXXX's weekly walks in the facility. Markus ███ was taken to a secure room with Dr. ████ while the two other guards brought SCP-XXXX to it's containment chamber.

Dr. ████: "Can you tell me what happened between you and SCP-XXXX?"

Markus ███: "I was just tryin' to get it away from the entrance to Section ██. Then before I knew it, the damn thing grabs my throat with it's demented arm…"

Dr. ████: "And why do you think this happened? SCP-XXXX wasn't known to be hostile before."

Markus ███: "How the hell should I know! Every SCP is hostile, and why the hell do you let that thing just walk around where ever the hell it wants, like it's a guest at your goddamned house?!"

Dr. ████: "SCP-XXXX is allowed to explore the cafeteria and less restricted areas of the facility so we can build trust."

Markus ███: "Ha! Trust it?! Are you kidding me? Trust it for what, exactly? What, so that it'll tell you why it's depressed all the time?…"

[A few minutes of silence]

Markus ███: "They're all the same… Every last one of em'…"

Dr. ████: "Why is that? Why do you believe that all SCPs are the same?"

Markus ███: "All they want is jus…"[The door to the room opens with one of the guards that were escorting SCP-XXXX back to it's containment chamber]

SCP Guard: "Doctor ████! The SCP it…"[DATA EXPUNGED]

Closing Statement:
Markus ███ was provoking and harassing SCP-XXXX before he was attacked by the SCP. A theory as to why SCP-XXXX retaliated was self defense, more testing is still still required to prove this theory. Markus ███ is currently prohibited to talk to or be near SCP-XXXX.

Addendum A-2:
SCP-XXXX stops writing one of it's cryptic messages on the far wall from SCP researcher April █████ who was at the time the only one observing the subject. When she bit into her apple the SCP turned to face her while being contained in a sound-proof chamber that was also unable to see from the inside out. Several experiments were conducted with SCP-XXXX using apples:

Experiment A-2001-XXXX:
The first test was where an apple was placed in the chamber by robotic arm with the subject. The SCP just stared at it for approximately 32 minutes. Then began to hold it for another 32 minutes until loosing interest in it and returned to it's normal behaviors.

Experiment A-2002-XXXX:
The second test was…[DATA EXPUNGED]

Closing Statement:
SCP-XXXX still has a fascination toward apples. It does not seem to want to consume it or destroy it, all it does is admire it. More testing will begin shortly.

Addendum B-1:
SCP-XXXX seems to have a personal attachment to it's cloak which covers most of it's body. It's possible that it may have sentimental feelings towards the cloak. This was first discovered when a researcher was attempting to severe a part of it's cloak in hopes to analyze the material, but SCP-XXXX moved away from the researcher. This process repeated about twelve (12) times until the researcher gave up.
It's been confirmed that it doesn't wear the cloak for warmth. In an experiment with SCP-XXXX researchers would gradually change the containment chamber's temperature from an average desert to the same temperature as a night in the arctic. SCP-XXXX showed no change in behavior at these and in between these stated temperatures. The subject's weight, reaction time, hearing, sight, etc, didn't affect the subject in the slightest.

Closing Statement:
We are still unable to get a sample of SCP-XXXX's cloak, but an arrangement with the subject has been made:
SCP-XXXX will allow Dr. ████ to bring in equipment to it's containment chamber that is able to and analyze the subject's cloak while keeping the cloak in tact.
This arrangement is scheduled for / ██:██:███/. All personnel are required to treat SCP-XXXX without hostility or provoking it in any way until the specified date.

Addendum B-2:
Dr. ████ attempted to communicate with SCP-XXXX with the SCP still within it's containment. A live stream video and audio projection of Dr. ████ was placed it the subject's chamber so that they were able to converse without any human becoming too close to it. SCP-XXXX would write on it's standard white board that was provided for the subject. Included below is a record of the conversation being Dr. ████ and SCP-XXXX.

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX
Interviewer: Dr. ████
Foreword: A test to figure out if SCP-XXXX can understand english and if it can converse with Dr. ████.

Dr. ████: "Hello, how are you?"

[SCP-XXXX stops walking in place, and doesn't move for about 45 seconds]

Dr. ████: "Hello?… Can you understand me?"

SCP-XXXX: "[Writes: "Yes, understand me?…"]"

Dr. ████: "Yes, I can understand you. How ar…[Dr. ████ stops because he sees SCP-XXXX writing]

SCP-XXXX: "[Writes: "Do not trust the other half… It deceives."]"

Dr. ████: "Umm… Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Can you tell me about yourself? Were you lived, were you were born?… Anything explaining your origins?"

SCP-XXXX: "[Writes: "Everyone created me. I am your ugly truth."]"

Dr. ████: "Oh… Why do you write those warnings? Also why do you write in blood?"

SCP-XXXX: "[Writes: "To warn those responsible."]"

Dr. ████: "Ok, but who's blood do you use to write those messages?"

SCP-XXXX: "[Writes: "The blood of the charlatans."]"

Dr. ████: "Who are the charlatans? What do you mean everyone created you, and why are you the ugly truth?… Oh, sorry. Our conversation will have to continue at a later time. Good bye SCP-XXXX."

SCP-XXXX: "[Writes: "I am not, but the Scarecrow watches over the crop."]"

Dr. ████: "Uh. Ok goodbye, Scarecrow."

[End of conversation]

Closing Statement:
After the conversation with Dr. ████, SCP-XXXX has been more comfortable with humans. The subject allows humans to be at a closer distance to it, and has starting conversing with more SCP researchers and doctors.

Created by CyVirus.