A Spike of Truth
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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-PENDING is to be kept within its standard secure locker (#███) at Site-19.

In the event of a containment breach by an SCP-PENDING-B, a briefed MTF is to be deployed immediately.

Any non D-class personal who come in direct contact with SCP-PENDING are to be monitored for signs of increased paranoia, and any attempt by them to access SCP-PENDING should be reported to a level 3 senior staff member. Class A amnestics may be administered if behavior isn't curbed.

Short term (1 to 5 days), shallow (up to 3 notches) research on SCP-PENDING requires written approval from a level 3 Researcher and a level 3 Security Officer. Testing is to take place only within a secure testing room, rigged with gas or other none lethal means of incapacitating a SCP-PENDING-B. Long term (more than 5 days) or deep (over 3 notches) research, is currently prohibited.

Description: SCP-PENDING is a golden spike, 12 cm in length. The spike has 4 distinct sides that come to a point. Depictions of the greek gods Athena and Phobos are on 2 opposing sides. Parrellel notches are spaced every 2 cm on the other 2 sides. Hardness test indicate that the artficat is not actually made of gold.

When a human makes direct contact with SCP-PENDING, the subject (hereby known as SCP-PENDING-B) will be made aware of the most immediate threat to their well being. They will also know that the answer to dealing with this threat first requires they drive the spike into themselves. Location of the spike doesn't appear to matter, as long as the notch reaches the body. Driving the spike into vital locations does not kill SCP-PENDING-B, but removing the spike can lead to death. Some force is neccesary to drive the spike in, but regardless of the amount used, the spike will never be driven farther than 1 notch at a time. Once driven into a body, only SCP-PENDING-B can drive it in further.

How the threat is perceived varies by the depth the spike has been driven, from mere feelings of unease about someone or someplace, to 'seeing' the threat before it actually happens, to [REDACTED]. If the spike is at a depth of at least 1 notch, than SCP-PENDING-B will be aware of the exact steps needed to avoid being harmed by this threat. There is some processing time involved based on depth and severity of threat. The user is able to differentiate between predictions and reality with no measurable difficulty.

If a more immediate threat occurs before the first is dealt with, SCP-PENDING will make sure the new threat is known. Threats are not prioritized by any means other than time of occurrence, and in fact dealing with one threat can directly lead to being unable to deal with another. When dealing with a threat, SCP-PENDING-B appears to be the most limiting factor, as while SCP-PENDING grants knowledge within the ability of SCP-PENDING-B, it does not take into account limitations or handicaps such as fatigue or paranoia.

There appears to be no upper limit to the number of threats that SCP-PENDING can detect in a row, in fact some threat is always detected. Threats occuring as far as a year in advance have been documented.

SCP-PENDING came into the possession of the foundation during Incident SCP-PENDING-I, when █████ ████ was killed before a planned attack on a foundation facility.

The contents of room 328 were mostly food and weapons, but a diary written by SCP-PENDING-A was also found. For the full diary please refer to SCP-PENDING-A-D1. Snippets relevant to SCP-PENDING are given for convinence below.