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Quantum Immortality Booth

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: When not being researched, SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a Type E secure storage unit with dual biometric interlock. Access to SCP-XXXX requires biometric recognition from at least one senior researcher in addition to a project researcher.

Addendum ████-Nov-19: Further research on SCP-XXXX has been discontinued by order of senior research staff. The artifact is to remain disconnected from all power sources at all times. Associate Researcher James McLarendon, SN 3953-010-A, is expressly forbidden from interacting with SCP-XXXX, its secure storage unit, or the SSU's biometric interlock, and his biometric record is to be added to the interlock's blacklist.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a wooden cabinet, measuring two meters in length and height and 75 centimeters in depth, having a door in one side. Behind the door is a chamber occupying half the volume of the cabinet. Inside are a wooden bench opposite a shelf supporting an inscribed panel from which two 25 centimeter vertical polished metal handles protrude, and a large metal box suspended by extensible cords from the ceiling of the cabinet above the bench. The metal box includes an opening in its underside large enough to fully enclose a human head.

The cabinet appears to have a single function: to result in the sudden termination of its user. This function appears at odds with the inscription on the panel, for which a rough translation is, "To escape death, place hands here." The accuracy of the translation may be suspect, as the only other source material available in this language is SCP-████, which, as of this writing, is itself not fully translated.

Upon sitting down, lowering the box over one's head, and grasping the handles, electrical machinery in the other half of the cabinet begins to emit an increasingly high-pitched whine. Five seconds thereafter, the metal box produces a periodic series of sparking sounds. After a random number of these sparks, a loud, low pitched implosive sound is produced from inside the metal box, at which point the now-deceased subject slumps headless on the bench. No evidence of organic remains originating from the subject's missing head has been found.

Further investigation has revealed that SCP-XXXX functions by generating, for a brief instant, an immensely strong gravitational field within the confines of the box cavity. The gravitational field is strong enough to instantly collapse the user's head into an infinitesimal space at the center of the field. Measurements of X-ray emissions during testing suggest that while matter at the fringes of an apparent event horizon fall inside and emit X-rays, the event horizon itself is generated instantaneously and prevents any emissions from the matter comprising the user's head.

The purpose or nature of the sparking sound is unclear. The number of sparks preceding the full activation of SCP-XXXX appears to be random, occurring every 0.72 seconds with a 90.3% chance of a spark occurring instead of full activation. The sparks themselves do not harm the subject, and if the handles are released before full activation, the subject can emerge unharmed.

Addendum ████-Jul-06: It has been suggested that SCP-XXXX is intended to be a quantum immortality machine. The underlying principle of such a device is the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics, where every quantum event, being a superposition of possible resulting states, branches into a set of parallel worlds for each such possible state, and that the wavefunction collapse occurring upon observation of a state corresponds to the parallel world in which the observation takes place. One theoretical implication of this interpretation is that an individual's existence follows every such path simultaneously, but one's continuous perception necessarily follows a path where survival is continued, however unlikely that path may be. The logical conclusion to this argument is immortality, at least from the perspective of the individual.

Quantum immortality has been argued against by suggesting that some quantum events only have resultant states that lead toward further decay of the human body, thus leading to gradual deterioration and eventual death when no resultant states remain that are capable of perpetuating life. In other words, a large set of quantum events combines to produce an outcome that resembles the classical physics experienced in daily life, and immortality is merely an unrealistic theoretical conundrum.

A possible route around this eventuality would be to ensure that death itself becomes a quantum event. It has therefore been suggested by members of the research team that SCP-XXXX causes the death of its user instantaneously and without interaction with the outside of the artificially generated event horizon in order to produce a death scenario encapsulated in a single quantum event.

It should be noted, however, that this is not true immortality, in the sense of everlasting life. Rather, since the user's perspective would follow only those quantum states resulting in survival, he or she would merely escape into a parallel branch to avoid being killed by the machine itself. Moreover, the perception of any bystanders is unlikely to match that of the user. While the subject himself could theoretically perceive only those outcomes where he survives, the rest of us are infinitely more likely to witness what every experiment run on SCP-XXXX has produced: a headless corpse.

Addendum ████-Nov-19: Due to recent events concerning the possible function of this artifact, all research on SCP-XXXX is suspended indefinitely by order of senior research staff.

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