**Under direct orders of the founder, access is limited to those with Overseer clearance.

Entity#: SCP-3204

Object Class: Keter

"Special Containment Procedures": SCP-3204 Is to be kept in a 4 by 4 by 8 meter room with walls constructed of concrete reinforced by steel rebar with a bed and a chair furnishing the inside of the chamber and is to be fed three meals a day, Everyday of the week.bold text**

Description: SCP-3204 appears to be a humanoid entity, Approximately 1.3 meters tall, With a build approximating an adolescent boy of average weight for its height.
SCP-3204's jawline is sharp and its facial features are chiseled, its ears slightly pointed and its eyes shift colors depending on mood, Brown when docile, Red when provoked, Aggressive, Angry, Attacking, Or annoyed, And grey when intrigued or curious of an object and or person, And finally, Blue when upset, Distraught, Crying, Or in mourning.
SCP-3204 wears a red scarf, With a black shirt with red horizontal lines across the shirt, With a black jacket over the shirt, And is notably wearing a pair of black military combat boots, As well as black cargo pants.
SCP-3204 is almost always sitting on the floor despite the furnished bed and chair provided, And appears to stare at the floor until another living being enters the room, In which it will slowly raise its head and meet the eyes of whoever has entered the room, Where the subject will share eye contact for a short minute until SCP-3204 Eventually says in a low manner, "What do you want?.." If the subject replies with "Nothing." or something similar to that context, SCP-3204 Will nod slowly and look back down at the floor where it will let out a longing sigh and continue to stare at the floor until interacted with again by the same person or a different one.
SCP-3204 Is almost always docile and or passive towards people, And is often reclusive or or keeping to itself, In which it isn't very social with on site staff (Notably In Interviews it keeps mostly quiet, And when asked why it wears the Red Scarf, SCP-3204 became upset and started to sob, after which the interview was terminated.) However when a D-Class approached SCP-3204 and attempted to [DATA EXPUNGED] SCP-3204 Became provoked and an instance of what seemed to have been SCP-612 but much thicker and made completely out of a reddened metal substance that appeared to have been glowing appeared, SCP-3204's eyes seemed to have become a luminescent red, Indicating it becoming aggressive, In which the instance of SCP-3204-1 Then attacked the D-Class piercing the victims skull in an almost instantaneous movement, Killing the subject instantly, After the event, SCP-3204 can be heard taking in deep breaths (Presumably to calm itself.) for a period of what was 20 minutes, After its supposed aggressive state had been neutralized, It moved the body of the D-Class to a corner with it's instances of SCP-3204-1, Where it then sat down in the center of the room and looked down at the floor and returned back to his fully docile state. A clean up crew arrives and removes the body from SCP-3204's containment cell, SCP-3204 is unresponsive and appears to be in tears.

SCP-3204 Is capable of a "teleportation" similar to that of SCP-343, when SCP-3204 uses said "teleportation" a sort of static, Similar to that of a 1980's television set, emits almost like a plume of smoke from where it was originally standing, and if anyone were to stand within a 3 meter radius of where SCP-3204 was originally standing, they would become nauseous, but these side effects wear off within a three to four minute period.

When being moved to newly allocated containment (Authorized by [REDACTED].) SCP-3204 came into contact with [REDACTED] who reportedly used excessive force on SCP-3204, and verbally abused SCP-3024 as it was being moved to its new containment, and despite SCP-3024 exercising a brief tolerance to towards [REDACTED] it soon became tired of [REDACTED] and began attempting to wander off, In an attempt to bring SCP-3204 back onto track, [REDACTED] struck SCP-3204 over the back of the head with a [DATA EXPUNGED] in which SCP-3204 growled and looked back over its shoulder to meet the gaze of [REDACTED] in which its eyes lit to a luminescent red, And the first case of seeing a distorted and almost "glitched" smile flicker across its face, [REDACTED] then attempted to neutralize SCP-3204 with a much heavier blow to the side of its skull, But an instance of SCP-3204-1 Burst through the wall of the corridor SCP-3024 was being led down, the wall was to the left of [REDACTED] and almost immediately wrapped around [REDACTED] wrist, in response [REDACTED] screamed out of pain and attempted to dispatch the cable from his wrist by shooting it with the standard issue Barreta M9, Which had no effect on the instance of SCP-3204-1, But in response to the impact and vibrations of the bullet the cable quickly pulled [REDACTED] arm into the hole it had ripped in the corridor wall, Most of the skin on [REDACTED] left arm was shredded off along with the clothing covering their left arm, In which [REDACTED] screamed out of severe traumatic pain and agony as profuse amounts of blood came from the hole in the wall, [REDACTED] shrieked and started to hit the wall with their fist, SCP-3204 tilted its head at them with the crooked glowing red smile on their face, SCP-3204 could be seen lifting their hand (Presumably to command the instance of SCP-3204-1.) and simply snapping its fingers as another instance of SCP-3204-2 appeared and quickly went through the flesh and bone of [REDACTED] arm, In which [REDACTED] left arm was removed from the shoulder, In response to their arm being completely severed [REDACTED] shrieked and squealed out of an intolerable and brutal amount of pain, in which they then fell onto the floor squealing and yelling holding their shoulder, In response to [REDACTED] arm being severed, [REDACTED] pulled the gun from their right thigh holster and attempted to aim the barrel at SCP-3204, But the instance SCP-3204-2 wrapped around his arm, leg, and neck, And pulled all three appendages together, Making [REDACTED] body fold in half completely snapping their spine in half, Disabling and killing [REDACTED] and upon [REDACTED] death the instance, SCP-3204-2 retracted from [REDACTED] body and slithered back into the hole in the wall as well as SCP-3204-1 which retreated into the hole with [REDACTED] left arm (Presumably food and consumption.) seconds after all of this transpired SCP-3204 fell onto its knees with its head tilted down to look at the floor, In which its eyes turned a deep shade of blue SCP-3204 then began to hit its own head
against the floor, Crying and sobbing loudly all while screaming, And I quote, "I-I'M SORRY! T-THE VOICES MADE ME DO IT! I-IF I DON'T LISTEN TO THEM THEY'LL MAKE ME KILL [DATA EXPUNGED]" which was closely followed by [REDACTED] screaming and shouting from severe agony and trauma, Shortly after, the medical team arrived and put [REDACTED] on a gurney before rushing them to the nearest Medical Bay, Followed by [DATA EXPUNGED] arriving at the scene and helping with the containment of SCP-3204, later that day [REDACTED] died from blood loss.

The following is the audio recording of an interview with SCP-3204.

<Begin Log, PM>
██████████: "Good morning SCP-3204, Today I'm going to be asking you a series of questions, Can I expect you to answer to the best of your ability?"
SCP-3204 Remains motionless and silent for a few seconds before giving an affirmative nod
██████████: "Wonderful, Now.. Let me see." *██████████ Can be seen flipping over the pages on his clipboard before stopping on a page and taking in a breath of air before continuing* "So SCP-3204…. I wanted to know why you did what you did on [DATA EXPUNGED]"
SCP-3204 can be seen shifting in its seat uncomfortably before reaching its right hand over its chest and placing it on its left shoulder, after placing its hand on its shoulder it started to slowly move its hand up and down the length of its upper arm, Remaining silent for a minute before timidly answering "I.. I um… C-Can we skip that question?.."
█████████ "I would very much appreciate it if you answered this question, If you do this interview will end a lot quicker."
SCP-3204 can be seen shifting again before letting out a long winded exhale and responding shortly after with "Right.. Right.. Um… Well it's.. it's kind of… hard to explain… erm… you see sometimes when I… get angry it's just… it's almost like a different part of me is… like activated or awakened.. I.. I can't find the word to properly describe the feeling because it's just… Blind rage.. A deep seated hatred for everyone and anything that… tries to touch or harm me.. and it's.. it's so scary when it happens.. because it feels like I don't care about anyone or anything.. despite the consequences.. I just.. I feel so mad… so mad to the point where I just want to kill senselessly.. But at the same time I don't want to hurt anyone!.. But whenever that… "Side" of myself comes out… I can't control it.. Because it's just like some sort of senseless bloodlust that I can't stop…"
█████████: "Ah, I see.. So would you say it's almost like a sort of split personality?"
SCP-3204: "No.. It's so much worse than a split personality.. I mean it hasn't always been lingering in my brain so.. I mean that has to count for something… r-right?…" SCP-3204 was described to have been tearing up at this point and its eyes were now blue
█████████: "Um.. Please calm down SCP-3204." █████████ is visibly confused because in his experience with SCP's he has never encountered an SCP capable of emotions other than docility and aggression until now
> "After further 'Off the record' questioning I feel as though SCP-3204 is, and I quote "Mostly Cooperative" unless provoked by on site staff, Will it become a certain threat, And my feelings towards having it on site are more mixed than anything else, I feel as though it should be put in an isolation cell but if put in an isolation cell, it will most likely cause more problems than it would be worth, Considering SCP-3204's response to being alone is unpredicted and from what has been documented from his other emotions, I can hardly say it would be smart to try our luck and stuff him in a smaller cell than he has now, and completely server his social relations with on site staff, Thus I have no actions in mind for SCP-3204, other than for on site staff to continue feeding him three meals a day everyday, Thank you."