Item #: SCP-2989

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2989 is to be kept in a humanoid containment cell in hall 37 of Site-58 with surveillance cameras watching SCP-2989 at all times. SCP-2989 is currently uncontained and presumably hiding in ███████,████████. If SCP-2989 is discovered at any time, it is to be terminated immediately with prejudice.

Description: SCP-2989 is a human male, approximately 1.5m tall, weighing 61kg. SCP-2989 is of African-American descent. The subject is bald, and has a large scar down the forehead, over the left eye, and halfways down the cheek. Due to SCP-2989's anomalous properties, it is unknown how it received this scar.

SCP-2989 is the perfect hitman, any person, animal, or object that is killed or destroyed by SCP-2989 is completely forgotten by everybody who has ever come into contact with it, because of this, it is impossible to determine how many civilians and personnel have been killed by SCP-2989. SCP-2989 also has unusual healing abilities, being able to fully recover from multiple bullet wounds in minutes and have no external, or internal scarring, because of this, the subject has developed an extremely high pain tolerance, being able to take stab wounds and bullets without even blinking.. SCP-2989 is very gruff and non-social, often referring to personnel as "useless" and "weak". SCP-2989 is highly dangerous due to the fact they have mastered an unknown martial art that is very powerful and results in the death of anyone they attack, the subject can dodge bullets, remove limbs, heads, and organs very violently with little physical effort, punch clean through bodies, and throw fully geared MTF agents as much as 100ft away with enough force to break through concrete walls.

Any person killed by SCP-2989 is completely forgotten. Any images, voice recording, and videos are distorted so that you cannot see their face or understand what they say. Animals are simply erased from any images, sound recordings, and video recordings, the same effect happens to objects destroyed by SCP-2989. It is still possible to see the figure of the person killed, but no one will be able to remember who they were and what they were doing. SCP-2989 seems to have no remorse for any killing and takes pride in his ability to kill.