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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Containment Site-4000 is an established exclusion zone covering [REDACTED] Island. Foundation forces are to maintain a perimeter of 2 km around Site-4000. Civilian access is restricted into Site-4000. A cover story has been established designating Site-4000 as a nuclear testing ground that is still radioactive. The presence of Foundation personnel is to be attributed to cleanup efforts.

Foundation personnel can enter Site-4000 as long as personnel stick to well-lit areas or maintain a light source. Several powerful lights have been installed around Site-4000 to provide further illumination.

Update: Personnel entering Site-4000 must carry at least two 100-lumen light sources. Exploration into Site-4000 during the night is to be restricted to testing purposes.

SCP-4000 is be kept sealed within a steel container. Container is to be kept within Site-4000 and surrounding area is to remain brightly-lit at all times. No personnel are allowed to touch or handle SCP-4000 without proper protection.1 Personnel guarding SCP-4000 are to be equipped with multiple flashlights with at least 150 lumens of brightness.

SCP-4000-1 instances attempting to gain access to SCP-4000 are to be illuminated immediately. Any incident of attempted containment breach is to be reported to the Site Director.

Update: Site Personnel are not to approach or converse with instances of SCP-4000-1 without approval of Site Director T████.

Description: SCP-4000 is a phenomenon present on [REDACTED] Island. SCP-4000 covers a sphere with a radius of 57.5 km with originating point of [REDACTED] SCP-4000 is an metallic black sphere 5 cm in diameter. SCP-4000's anomalous effects extend 57.5 km from SCP-4000. When a living creature enters SCP-4000's area of effect and is not illuminated by at least 1 lumen, the creature disappears. The subject will reappear when the location of the disappearance is again illuminated. Analysis of these subjects reveals no anomalous effects after reappearance. When interviewed regarding whereabouts, subjects claim to have never disappeared. See interview logs for more details.

Individuals that touch SCP-4000 are affected by other anomalous properties that cause light to dim in the surrounding areas. Subjects will eventually disappear when they are no longer illuminated and reappear as an instance of SCP-4000-1. This transformation depends on available light sources and has been shown to dim even Solar radiance within Site-4000.

SCP-4000-1 instances have the same appearance as the original subject, but are 50% transparent. SCP-4000-1 instances disappear when illuminated by at least 70 lumens, but will reappear at a different location within SCP-4000's area of effect.

SCP-4000-1 instances will attempt to get other subjects to touch SCP-4000 through methods ranging from simple persuasion to kidnapping. Since SCP-4000's containment, SCP-4000-1 instances have refocused efforts on attempting to retrieve SCP-4000 from containment. There are currently five instances of SCP-4000-1. Interviews with current SCP-4000-1 instances indicate no change in behavior beyond a belief that it is beneficial to create new SCP-4000-1 instances.