item #:

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures:subject is to be contained in a standard scp containment unit in site##. as subject is unaware of his unnatural condition all staff are under orders to keep information regarding the foundation and the subject himself away from scp#.

after an escape attempt where scp# managed to open his cell door by jamming a paperclip into the lock, at least 1 guard should be posted outside scp# cell at all times and to be armed with a standard issue tranquilizer pistol

Description: Scp# has the appearance of a young Caucasian male and claims to be 20 years old he weights 76 kg and is 175cm tall , has copper hair and brown eyes. no tattoos or markings are apparent on spc# despite subject claiming he gets a new one each year having been recorded as saying

"ya , tattoos are cool but they always wash off when im in the shower"

Scp# was brought to the attension of the foundation by agents in 20## when the subject was found in the epicenter of [REDACTED] clearly in a drunken stupor. Scp# possesses a reality altering effect on objects and materials he interacts with or is presented in that they function and perform exactly the way Scp# whould think they function and preform, this usually leads to a drastic change to the inner workings and behaviors of complex electronics and machinery.

Addendum: 12/13 test log of Dr.Wade

items : 1 cup of flour , 1 cup of tap water

test : Scp# was told the water was vinigar and the flour was bakeing soda , he was then told to poor both the cups into a painted paper mache "volcano"

Results : after a short delay the "volcano" visibly shook and sprayed an impressive stream of liquid across the room , room spells of vinigar

Addendum 2: 12/14 test log of Dr.Wade

items : 1 air-soft pistol (painted and detailed in such a way to make it look like an authentic pistol

Test : scp# was brought to the armory and asked to shoot at targets using provided pistol

Results : air-soft pistol fired live 9mm rounds and needed to be reloaded after 12 shots , pistol was dismantled after test and was found to be containing the working parts of a real handgun instead of the air-soft version provided.

Note from Dr.Wade: Im currently requesting we allow Scp# to interact with some of our other scps