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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class:

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  • The King Fisher concept, where the King is the church and the town is his Kingdom.
  • "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"
  • "All Roads Lead to Rome"
  • A person / people that are physically incapable of being viewed as people
  • "Sorry, I'll Be Home Soon, I'm Out Having a Night with the Boys"
  • "Save your Wishes for the Druids of Gaul"
  • "Does a Frog's Pope Shit in the Woods?"
  • "Everything Good Comes in Threes": The HMS Jernøya (which means Iron Island), Lugwardian vessel
  • "China: The Celestial Empire"
  • "Gamers Against Gamers Against Weed"
  • "Too Old for This Shit": During a depression, the US government is dealing with an economic crash and finds that they are spending too much money on retirement funds (and they don't have the money to do it). Teaming with the SCP Foundation, a subsection of the CIA is devising an anomalous plan to make people doing dangerous jobs die just before they retire.
  • "Buying Shoe Polish Like You Have Shoes to Buy Polish For"
  • "My Hands Don't Move When I Tell Them To Anymore"
  • "When We Are 15 Minutes From Disaster Could I Hold Your Hand Just Once"
  • "A Pile of People & Pooches"
  • "I Don't Live Life on a Tight Leash, My Cord is just Too Short"

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