SCP-****: The mischievous child

Item: SCP-
Object class: Euclid.
Special containment procedures:
SCP is to contained in a 3mx3mx3m titanium cell. Cracks and other damages are to be repaired as soon as possible. Permission for any personal or D-class to enter SCP must be granted from O-5 personal themselves or head researcher Adrian, with untainted video imaging. Absolutely no photos are to be taken into its room. All personal entering must be on guard.
SCP resembles a 5 year old child of whoever it is imitating. It is capable of shapeshifting to a form of a childhood friend of the highest ranked individual observing him. Attempts to get video when no-one is observing him have failed, and only results in static.
SCP was first discovered in an abandoned church that somehow an investigation team was sent into. (Ongoing investigation is underway as to who or what lead the team there). Nature of SCP was discovered when people would leave and it changed appearance in less than a second.
SCP was immediately contained with no problems, and sent to the closest available site. It was soon placed into a room, until an interview conducted by Dr. Samson was authorized. It avoided all questions and insisted on playing a game.
Reclassification of Euclid was given when it was found with a bat, hitting a hanged Dr Samson’s son repeatedly until his organs spilled out onto the ground. SCP cheered in delight as it grabbed the organs as started to devour them, saying they were playing whack the piñata.
Doctor Samson angrily grabbed one of his guards guns and unloaded it into the SCP. Despite supposedly fatal injuries SCP regenerated in an hour. Doctor Samson’s body was later found, having committed suicide.
Investigation afterward revealed his son is still alive, and the organism known as SCP—1, was an identical copy of his son. A photo of the family was found in SCP-’s cell. It is believed it is able to make a copy of whatever it has photos of. When a book of photos was confiscated only many board games, it angrily thrashed around in its house and attacks all personal that enters to give it food, drink or ask questions. It has attempted to and failed to break out multiple times.

All personal entering the room must remain on guard, as it is extremely aggressive and intelligent.