Point Origin

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: While SCP-XXXX is yet to be in foundation custody, it is presumed SCP-XXXX still resides within Universe-XXXX. However, due to recent and rising concerns regarding the eventual arrival of SCP-XXXX, multiple O5 members along with several Class A personnel and multiple Containment Specialists have worked on developing the following containment procedures. It is to be noted these containment procedures will only take place when, and if ever, SCP-XXXX-1A arrives in Foundation custody.

SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a hollow, vacuum sealed, plastic dome measuring roughly twenty-one (21) meters in diameter, with SCP-XXXX in the center. The containment room is to be supported by solid steel pipes and SCP-XXXX to be placed on a small, steel pedestal one (1) meter in diameter suspended at least four (4) meters in the air via one (1) meter thick concrete column. Floor of the containment room is to be sprayed with sulfuric acid and laid over with a thin layer of concrete. Upon the establishing of the containment room, a safe five (5) meter perimeter is to be established around the containment room and monitored at all times. Within the containment room are to be four (4) standard motion sensors, one (1) on each side of the room and constantly monitored for any changes. No other personnel other than those required for maintenance, research, and/or containment are to be within the perimeter and/or the containment room. Any personnel found violating this will be severely reprimanded. No exceptions.

Within the containment room are to be kept two (2) D-Class personnel, each supplied with two (2) Lab Rats, at all times. Upon the self-activation of SCP-XXXX, one (1) D-Class personnel is to approach SCP-XXXX-1A with one (1) Lab Rat and place it on the pedestal next to SCP-XXXX-1A. Approximately thirty (30) seconds later, the D-Class personnel is to remove lab rat, now SCP-XXXX-1B, and interrupt the process of conversion. This step is to be repeated as many times as necessary until SCP-XXXX has been successfully temporarily deactivated. Two (2) additional D-Class personnel are to cycle out with the other D-class personnel every twelve (12) hours and be provided two (2) new Lab Rats each.

In the case of containment breach, not containment failure, multiple hoses attached along the outside of the containment room are remotely set to spray the room with water of approximately ninety (90) degrees Celsius. Several trained officers are then to immediately enter the room and await all, if any, instances of SCP-XXXX-1C to fully convert to SCP-XXXX-2B and terminated immediately. Upon the termination of all, if any, instances of SCP-XXXX-2B, the containment room is to be sanitized and all personnel in the room to report for immediate psychological evaluation. In the next hour, following the temporary deactivation of SCP-XXXX, repairs are to be made and the room expanded accordingly. Once repairs and any necessary expansions made, containment procedures are to return to normal.

In the case of total containment failure, i.e. the uncontrollable expansion of SCP-XXXX-2A's influence, several on-site nuclear warheads are set to detonate remotely. Once SCP-XXXX-1A is found and SCP-XXXX confirmed to be deactivated, Mobile Task Forces Gamma-5, Iota-10, and Xi-3 are to be put into hazmat suits and sent out to recover and terminate any instances of SCP-XXXX-2B along with suppressing any leaked knowledge regarding SCP-XXXX. The resulting explosion should clear out a large enough area to set up a reasonable perimeter around SCP-XXXX-1A. While normal containment procedures are to take place upon the establishing of said perimeter, it is to be noted that we would not be able to afford another containment breach and/or containment failure until a new containment site is prepared.

Any personnel feeling the need, desire, or urge to approach SCP-XXXX-1A are to be given full psychological and physical evaluations. Said personnel will then be given Class-A amnesiacs and removed from the site indefinitely. Upon removal from site, said personnel are to be downgraded to a low class and be put to work on anything that does not relate to SCP-XXXX in any form. In the case of amnesiacs failing to suppress any desire, need, or urge to approach SCP-XXXX-1A, personnel are to be removed immediately, tested, and terminated on site. For further information regarding SCP-XXXX, please refer to the Recovered Data Files.

Description: SCP-XXXX is composed of a small white box, now SCP-XXXX-1A and an unknown type of cognitive hazard, now SCP-XXXX-2A. SCP-XXXX-1A is approximately sixty by sixty by thirty (60 x 60 x 30) centimeters. At the center, where the lid and base of the box meet, is a small, red lock of unknown composition that cannot be opened by any currently known means. Closed, SCP-XXXX-1A exerts only two definite signs of anomalous effects, proving to be both indestructible and irremovable through any currently known means. Upon a certain date, predicted by SCP-XXXX-1A at any time after its recovery via the altering of Document #XXXX-1b, SCP-XXXX-1A will open and the anomalous effects will immediately take place.

SCP-XXXX-2A is imperceptible until a living, multi-cellular organism that is non-human, now referred to as the "potential subject", approaches within a three (3) meter radius of the now opened SCP-XXXX-1A. The potential subject will then develop a significant interest towards SCP-XXXX-1A , becoming an instance of SCP-XXXX-1B. Once the potential subject becomes and instance of SCP-XXXX-1B, three (3) stages signifying an upcoming SK-Class End of the World scenario will immediately take place.

At the first stage, SCP-XXXX-2A will force SCP-XXXX-1B to slowly approach the now opened SCP-XXXX-1A, then stop when they are within approximately one (1) meter of SCP-XXXX-1A. For the next sixty (60) seconds, noted as the "delay period", SCP-XXXX-1B will stand in place, completely focused on SCP-XXXX-1A. If interrupted by an outside force during the delay period of the first stage, through any means of drawing away SCP-XXXX-1B's attention, the effects will no longer take hold of SCP-XXXX-1B, causing SCP-XXXX-1A to immediately close and SCP-XXXX to deactivate. Upon closing, SCP-XXXX-1A will enter a deactivation period for one (1) hour before opening again. However, if no actions are taken during the delay period of the first stage, at the end of the sixty (60) second mark, SCP-XXXX-1B will immediately experience spontaneous combustion via unknown means.

During the second stage, the smoke caused by the end of the first stage, now SCP-XXXX-1C, will slowly begin to gather within SCP-XXXX-1A. The rate at which the smoke gathers, as well as the how far the influential radius of SCP-XXXX-2A increases, vary greatly in relation to the potential subject's mass. This can vary anywhere from the fire taking ten (10) seconds to six (6) hours and the increase of influence from anywhere between half (½) a centimeter to as much as sixty (60) centimeters. At the end of the second stage, the potential subject, now SCP-XXXX-2B, will spontaneously appear within one (1) meter of SCP-XXXX-1A with no memory of its recent destruction. There is no physical change, however, SCP-XXXX-2B will then express the need to worship the box as a “Benevolent Deity” and will become immune to SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects indefinitely.

At the final stage, SCP-XXXX-2B will exhibit a similar, but less aggressive, cognitive hazard towards other potential subjects within a radius of approximately one (1) meter. SCP-XXXX-2B will then gather the other potential subjects within the radius of SCP-XXXX-1A in its active state. It is noted that interrupting a single instance of SCP-XXXX-1B will cause the box to enter its delay period regardless of the amount of instances of SCP-XXXX-1B. However, since there is no way of interrupting any instances of SCP-XXXX-1C, SCP-XXXX-2B will always use this to its full advantage.

Addendum #XXXX-1:
Usage of other SCPs strictly prohibited by O5 orders. Any personnel attempting to bring an SCP within the perimeter or within the containment room will be terminated on site. No exceptions.

Note: “You’re all probably wondering that this may be a way to dispose of Keter-Class SCPs for good, but I’m going to stop you right there. While, according to the Data Files, the alternate Foundation succeeded in neutralizing many dangerous SCPs; we simply don’t know if we’ll be that lucky. In addition to that, it is clearly stated in the Data Files how they failed to neutralize certain SCPs and how it led to the uncontrollable explosive growth of SCP-XXXX-2A. We cannot, and will not, afford such risks to be taken. I don’t care how successful they were. No SCPs.

Incident #XXXX-1:
Dr. █████, an exceptional language professor who helped us translate key parts of Document #XXXX-1b, attempted to make grammatical corrections to Document #XXXX-1b. Using a red, ball point pen, he corrected “…under statement…” to “…understatement…”, the pen then removed itself from Dr. █████’s hand, undid the corrections and immediately [DATA EXPUNGED]. Dr. █████ died from internal bleeding 1 hour later and at the bottom of the document, written in English said “Forgive us, we have no time to play with you. We are far too many to afford such things.” Pen was later examined and shown to have no anomalous properties.

Note: “Alright, whose idea was it to allow Dr. █████, our best chance at translating the thing, correct the document himself?! Why didn’t he send in a D-Class personnel to do it for him like the usual? Not only does this set us back way behind schedule, but now we have almost no chance at translating the thing!
-Agent █████