Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 7x3 meter ballistic-glass tank, completely filled with water. The water should be kept between 10° and 20° C, though the specimen may request the temperature be changed.
A filter unit is to be attached to keep the water clean, and water is to be changed every 3 weeks. Food pellets or small animals are to be placed in the tank every 3 to 5 hours.
SCP-XXXX can survive out of the tank, but should not be left out for more than 6 hours, as prolonged time on dry land is harmful to the specimen.

If SCP-XXXX must be removed from the water, it is to be kept under guard at all times, as the specimen may turn violent when startled. Guards should be armed with electricity based weapons, such as stun guns or cattle prods. In the event that SCP-XXXX becomes violent, electrical shocks will cause it to collapse instantly, however personnel should remain at a safe distance as tendrils may spasm violently for several minutes after the specimen has lost consciousness.
In the event that electric shocks fail, extreme cold (≤-34° C ) will cause it to enter a hibernation-like state instantaneously. The atmosphere can also be artificially dried to a relative humidity of ≤3%, with a similar result.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an aquatic entity resembling an albino human female between the ages of 19 and 26. While the specimen is on land, the only notable difference from humans is the specimen's eyes, which are coated with a transparent film in place of eyelids.

When the specimen is immersed in water, upwards of 6000 thin white tendrils, approximately the width of a human hair, emerge from the creature's pores and extend as far as available space allows. Testing has shown tendrils to have a maximum length of approximately 800 meters, though it can only extend them this far while underwater. On land, maximum length appears to be 1.93 meters.
While on land, the creature is capable of manually deploying its tendrils. The tendrils excrete a sticky substance, which is used to catch small sea life, primarily krill. When a tendril has caught a large amount of creatures, it retreats back into SCP-XXXX's flesh, pulling any captured sea life with it. Sea life that is pulled into SCP-XXXX's pores is apparently immediately digested, while any creatures too large to fit are instead consumed via SCP-XXXX's mouth.

If SCP-XXXX deems something to be either prey or a threat, it will quickly wrap the target in its tendrils, which are then forced into the target's pores. SCP-XXXX will subsequently drain the target of all moisture. On occasion, SCP-XXXX has been known to consume the corpse afterwards. If SCP-XXXX deems something too dangerous to fight, it will instead wrap its tendrils around itself, forming a protective ball. This ball is nearly airtight, and testing has indicated it is strong enough to deflect a bullet, though it is still vulnerable to particularly sharp weapons.

SCP-XXXX is capable of human speech and understands English fluently thanks to several years of instruction from Dr. Narumi, though it tends to speak in fragmented sentences, apparently only bothering to use the minimum number of words required to get its point across. The creature identifies itself as "Ava", and claims to be a ██████1.

SCP-XXXX was discovered in 2008, when vacationers at the █████ coast reported that a corpse infested with thousands of thin white worms had washed up on the beach. When a hazmat team arrived to dispose of the corpse, they found it very much alive and consuming the contents of a nearby hotdog stand. The Foundation was contacted by a member of the team, SCP-XXXX apprehended, and Class-A Amnestics administered to all present.

SCP-XXXX was reportedly extremely agitated and attempted to attack anyone that came near it or that made any sudden movements, and remained hostile until Dr. Narumi managed to communicate with the specimen. Though unable to speak directly with the specimen, as it had not yet been taught English, Dr. Narumi was able to establish basic communication via pantomime, as the creature seemed fairly adept at reading body language. After 2 weeks of this sort of communication, Dr. Narumi successfully convinced SCP-XXXX that the researchers were not a threat2, and the specimen has been generally cooperative ever since.

The specimen has proved generally cooperative with researchers, allowing them to experiment on it and remove tendrils for testing as desired. It seems to feel no pain upon removal of a tentacle, and tendrils grow back fully within a day. However, if startled or caused sudden pain, SCP-XXXX has been known to attack the person responsible3.

Addendum XXXX-1:

After overhearing Dr. Narumi complain about having forgotten her lunch, SCP-XXXX ripped off a handful of tendrils and offered them to Dr. Narumi. Dr. Narumi declined, but instructed a D-Class to eat them. The D-Class described them as "Sticky and flavorless, but not that bad". No negative effects were noticed.

Note: Subsequent tests on those tendrils show them to be safe to eat and high in protein. They grow back extremely quickly and SCP-XXXX claims to be OK with their removal, so we might be able to use these as rations for field agents. -Dr. Narumi

Incident Report XXXX-1:

On 15/07/2010, Researcher Myers attempted to draw blood from SCP-XXXX. Though SCP-XXXX had been informed of the test and had given consent, the specimen attacked Researcher Myers as soon as he inserted the needle. SCP-XXXX was visibly distressed, and appeared to be trying to retract its tendrils to prevent them from attacking Researcher Myers, but was unable to do so. Security personnel were able to slice through the tendrils with several knives, but by that point Researcher Myers was already dead. SCP-XXXX exhibited extreme distress afterwards and requested to return to its tank.

Note: It seems the creature doesn't have full control overs its tendrils. If the tendrils deem SCP-XXXX to be in danger, they'll attack with or without SCP-XXXX's consent. -Dr. Narumi

Incident Report XXXX-2:
Researcher Danvers, during a mental breakdown caused by exposure to SCP-██, attempted to free SCP-XXXX. Danvers managed to successfully overpower the guards and release SCP-XXXX from its tank before fleeing. However, a containment breach was avoided when SCP-XXXX grew bored and elected to return to its tank and await feeding time.

Addendum XXXX-2:
While performing a DNA test on SCP-XXXX, Dr. Kim discovered that the specimen's tendrils have different DNA from the specimen itself. The DNA of the tendril being tested was found to be identical to that of the late Researcher Myers. Subsequent tests of other tendrils have shown them to all have DNA identical to entities killed by SCP-XXXX.