Item #: SCP-3139

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3139’s incorporeal nature and its inability to be contained in a traditional sense, the proper containment of SCP-3139 is to be through the successful enactment of Protocol Aleph-3139.1

Any additional occurrences of SCP-3139 phenomena are to be promptly brought to Lead Researcher Lydia's attention, where Protocol Aleph-3139 is to be promptly implemented, and instances of SCP-3139-1 will be formally diagnosed with a plausible mental or physical condition that accurately describes the phenomenon's effects.

Detailed information regarding SCP-3139-2 subjects is restricted to Level 3/3139 personnel or greater.

Containment Procedures for SCP-3139-2 Subjects: Instances of SCP-3139-2 are to be immediately secured by the Foundation for study and placed in standard Level-2 Humanoid Containment Cell accommodations. Appropriate furnishings are to be supplied based on the SCP-3139-2 instance's age, sex, and previous interests; if any. SCP-3139-2 subjects are permitted to, barring the approval of the SCP-3139 Supervising Researcher, submit a request for a desired item.2

Parents or legal guardians may be given a simplified version of their child or ward’s status and granted limited level 0P/3139 clearance, which allows supervised bi-monthly visits to the SCP-3139-2 subject at approved Foundation sites.

Individuals affected by SCP-3139 should not be subjected to any type of tests that employ methods of tomography, radiography or fluoroscopy for risk of further aggravating the effects of SCP-3139 and alerting non-authorized personnel to the nature of the phenomenon. Any unauthorized persons who view these results are subject to Class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-3139 is a phenomenon that manifests in certain regions of British Columbia, Alberta and some counties located in ██████. The condition is described as the sudden onset of symptoms, caused by a massive rearrangement and alteration of many brain structures.

Biopsies of subjects affected with SCP-3139-1 show irregularly sized temporal and parietal lobes and atrophied basal ganglia as well as an unusually enlarged [REDACTED]. The SCP-3139 transformative process takes roughly 72-128 hours, with many subjects (estimated to be about ██.█% of those affected) expiring from generalized brain trauma. For a detailed description on SCP-3139's changes to the brain, see supplementary document 3139-Alpha.

The onset of SCP-3139 has been exclusively noted to occur within █.█% of individuals between three (3) months to fifteen (15) years of age who are born in the geographical regions noted above. No other occurrences of SCP-3139's phenomena have been observed to those outside of these criteria.

Update, 2-1-20██: Testing to determine whether or not the boundary of SCP-3139 is static has proven that it is dynamic, with its area of effect slowly shifting at a rate between 0.03m/h and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Note added by Assistant Researcher █████ ████████, 2-10-20██:

It's puzzling how the counties in ██████ are affected by SCP-3139, being so [REDACTED]. Perhaps the border quickly expanded and contracted, but for some reason left the counties behind? If that's the case, the behaviors of SCP-3139 could warrant Keter status; but as of now, it's impossible to determine if this behavior will reoccur or not.

Although the first individual to be affected by SCP-3139’s phenomena is impossible to determine, the first recorded case of SCP-3139 was of a seven-year-old female by the name of ██████ ██████ in the city of █████████, Alberta whose parents stated their daughter suddenly exhibited symptoms synonymous of a brain aneurysm. CT brain scans on the female showed the presence of anomalous brain structures: later identified as SCP-3139, and subsequently categorized into SCP-3139-1. Because of SCP-3139’s reactions to radiographic technology, the instance’s condition was further aggravated and expired █ hours later due to widespread organ failure.