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Item #: SCP-087-B

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Because of its highly unusual properties, SCP-087-B cannot be contained by any means.

Description: SCP-087-B is a building with highly unusual properties. when two or more subjects enter SCP-087-B, it appears to be an empty unlit room with concrete walls and a large metal door. Subjects have described feeling anxious and nauseated inside the room, but no further anomalies have been reported. Subjects who have entered SCP-087-B alone have described seeing a dark bricked-wall hallway at the wall opposite to the door via radio. Radio signals seem to be weaken extremely fast inside SCP-087-B. Radio communication with the subject becomes impossible when they entered the hallway. Attempts to re-establish radio contact after losing the signal have failed. Opening the door becomes possible approximately two hours after the subjects have entered the hallway. None of these subjects have returned and no further contact with them has been established.