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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Image Unavailable

Special Containment Procedures: All materials inside containment chamber must absorb any light waves in range from 300 to 760 nm. Everyone interacting with the book should wear black non-reflective apparel with similar properties.
Any installed cameras should produce blurred image, blur effect should be achieved by optical means. All video recordings must be documented and erased for safety purposes.
Minimum size of containment chamber is 6x6x3m. Book should be placed on the pedestal and closed from sides by curtains or walls to allow only face to face interaction.
Room lighting should not exceed 50 lux.
Book should be encased in hydraulic, remotely controlled closure device, it should be able to open and close book cover as well as completely containing the book, making any operation impossible.

Any personnel assigned on SCP-XXXX should comply with provided list of restrictions and precautions.

Description:SCP-XXXX is a medium sized book, with dark blue cover depicting graphic of a flower with 18 sharp petals. Title says "Rivers of the █████" Book has a pleasant smell of a fresh, recently produced typography. Outside book looks weary, presumably 40 years old.
Weight: 1281 gram.
Number of pages: unknown.
Size with cover: 5.9 x 8.4 inches

In closed state book causes no effect on whoever holds or sees it. Upon opening the book person will experience stabilization of neural processes, and will instantly focus on the book. Reading the book causes amnesia, which seems to erase memories in chronological order starting from the moment of exposure to the book content. Tests showed that amnesia progresses exponential. It takes approximately 14 minutes to forget last year of life, 7 to forget next and etc.
This process is not affected by speed of page turning, subject's intelligence, ability to read, or knowing of any specific language. Any memory erased by the book is completely unrecoverable.

Any unrestrained subjects will read the book for at least 6 seconds and withdraw from it due to blinking, unconsciously closing the book. Restrained subjects who read the book for more than 9 minutes become obsessed and stop blinking for the rest of the session. Breaking of eye contact will reset the session.
Prolonged experiments result in partial or complete paralysis, internal organ disfunction, autism, vegetative state, and complete stop of vital organs, depending on the length of exposure.
Experiment on life sustained subject is described by E-XXXX-57.

Due to aforementioned effect, remembering, understanding or communicating book contents proved impossible. Attempts to view portions of the book through the stencil resulted in slight slowdown of amnesia speed, still book fragments cannot be memorized.

As a side effect, not related with SCPs abnormalities, some personnel may become obsessed with the book, trying to comprehend the reading. Access restriction is a standard procedure in such case.

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