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Item #: SCP-DED-J

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-DED-J is self-contained at Area-DED, located ██ km North of the village of Etochertovski-Kholodno, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russian Federation. Due to the Foundation-wide character-building potential presented by Area-DED's remote location, transport to and from Area-DED is to be carried out on foot while singing laments.

As per the 2/5/18 ruling of the Ethics Committee, SCP-DED-J is to serve as the means of Procedure 92-Lucignolo, which is to be carried out as needed.

In addition, SCP-TTKU-J is to be permanently re-contained at Area-DED for the purpose of Procedure 92-Lucignolo. Therefore, you, specifically, are forbidden from entering Area-DED.

Description: SCP-DED-J is the former site of the ancient Daevite city of Hrüüügh. According to SCP-140, the ruins of Hrüüügh were said to be cursed:

"… but despite their extinction, the 17th viceroy of Hrüüügh, Bolag-Schnør the Fetid, secured Daevite dominance of the city into the distant future. Using the forbidden magicks from the Roman Loremipsicon, Bolag-Schnør declared that whomsoever captured the great city of Hrüüügh would see the most terrifying demons of the world beyond come to the city for the purposes of being vastly unpleasant. …"