Item#: SCP-4047

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4047 is to be contained in a Steel Reinforced room 5x5 meters in size and the steel containing the SCP is to be 5 inches thick.
When Testing 1 Class D is to be put in at a time after each researchers will measure the hostility of the creature. Level 4 clearance is needed for basic access to SCP-4074.

Description: SCP-4074 is an tall humanoid standing at 8.9 ft. tall. It has no eyes but sees by using echolocation by clicking its tongue. Its hands are morphed together rendering them almost useless but it has very long sharp teeth and its skin is a grey colour. When it kills its prey it likes to feed on the bones of its while it is still conscious.

Origin: When in a ██████████ a squad of MTF found it on the 10/██████████ inside a small ventilation shaft, one of the MTF called ██████████ was attacked and killed while the others tried to contain it.
When this happened one of them called HQ Here is the call.

Jake ██████████: We need reinforcements down here now!

Operator: Wait what's happening?!

Jake ██████████:There's a creature here its eating██████████!

Operator: Oh god! Okay I'm sending in another squad now.

Jake ██████████: * Screams of immense pain heard in the background*
*Screams Muffled with Static*