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Item #: SCP-2014-EX

Object Class: Safe Explained (see Addendum 05 for details)

Special Containment Procedures: All copies and instances of SCP-2014 must be kept sealed within security vault 034 at Site-██. At present, as observation has determined that instances of SCP-2014 present no known memetic or infohazardous qualities, storage mediums for media (as of writing, this includes film containers, memory sticks, and digital storage units) are considered to be sufficient storage for copies that are made. Appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that the storage mediums are sufficiently preserved while in security vault 034; at present, refrigeration and dehumidification actions are sufficient to prevent film degradation, while locker storage is considered to be sufficient for any digital copies made.

Any previously unlogged copies of SCP-2014 are to be retrieved and stored at Site-██ upon discovery and analysed for anomalous content. Copies of SCP-2014 are not permitted to be viewed without permission from OS-█ and site directors, and further copies of SCP-2014 must only be created for the purpose of study. No copies of SCP-2014 are permitted to be taken or stored outside of Site-██ and thorough searches are to be conducted on all personnel who conduct analysis and testing of SCP-2014 to ensure that nothing is taken off-site, deliberately or accidentally. Standard penalisations for moving material off-site apply to all staff responsible.

As of ██/██/20██, security restrictions on the viewing of SCP-2014-EX are to be relaxed, but permission must still be sought for the creation of copies and recordings from the original source. Unless an unknown copy or recording of the original is discovered to contain information relating to the transmission's origin source, it should not be given priority for retrieval and cataloguing.

Description: SCP-2014 is a recording of an anomalous transmission recorded on July 20 1969, EST, during the Apollo 11 moon landing. The recording, which lasts for approximately four minutes (04:07:01 on the initial transmission), consists of unusual visual and audio distortion and has been described as "highly unsettling" upon viewing. Despite the mild discomfort expressed by viewers after viewing, the recording possesses no lasting psychological effects. Various theories as to why the footage was created have been put forth, but all of them have been dismissed or disproven since its initial appearance.

Initially believed to have been a broadcast originating from the Soviet Union, either accidental or deliberate, subsequent analysis of both the transmission and its point of origin reveal it originated from within the United States of America, within the state of Illinois. Cross-referencing with Foundation records on 04/05/1971 revealed that the transmission was received at the same time as a series of anomalous transmissions were intercepted. Understanding of the recording and its contents has increased over time due to the development of new technologies that allow for more detailed analysis and breakdowns of the recording's components.

Subsequent evidence and analysis have confirmed that the broadcast's origin point occurred at some point between the years 2000 and 20██. Exactly how the broadcast was transmitted backwards in time is unknown and is presently being researched. Successive developments have led some researchers to propose upgrading the class of the recording, however due to its inert nature these proposals have been denied.

Addendum 01 (14/08/1976) The original theory that SCP-2014 was transmitted by the Soviet Union to interrupt the moon landing, either via an undisclosed technology mounted by submarine and broadcast directly at Cape Canaveral or through a form of orbiting satellite, has been thoroughly disproven. The Soviet Union's records show the detection of the transmission at the same time as the Foundation, and they have no knowledge of the broadcast's source. The two original options are being investigated, but caution should be taken in the future before ascribing the source of SCP-2014 to either of these two possibilities. -Dr. Wyneck

Addendum 02 (11/11/1984) The recording of SCP-2014 was copied and analysed with newly-developed digital visual analysis technology, referred to here as DVAT, which was able to "clean" the images present in the original recording. A breakdown of the newly analysed visuals is presented below and a copy of the breakdown has been disseminated to all research staff.

It cannot be ruled out at this time that the effects of viewing the footage resemble being under the effects of a hallucinogenic compound. The possibility that the footage is an elaborate practical joke or avant-garde film experiment that was organised at the height of counter-culture in the 1960's cannot be dismissed, but the technology required to intercept and interfere with a NASA broadcast makes the entire situation more perplexing. Further, the Foundations own records for the broadcast do not resemble any known broadcasting technology in wide or private use at the time. -Dr. Bremner

Addendum 03 (06/03/1995) The original recording was analysed with a proprietary program written by Foundation staff to digitally analyse physical recording mediums.

At this stage it is unknown what the dialogue within the recording refers to. Given the continuous stream of speaking, it is believed that the primary speaker is referring directly to the viewer as they watch the recording. References to abnormal temperatures and ambiguous lengths of time seem to indicate a possible [REDACTED] event occurring in the near future, which is consistent with the current and predicted release levels of CO2 and carbon emissions up to the year 2050. Taking into consideration the anomalous nature of SCP-2014's original broadcast and that the technology required to broadcast it from its source point in Illinois has never been present in the area, I believe it is possible that SCP-2014 is in fact a warning from the future. The highly fragmented nature of the recording can be attributed to both the inadequacy of 1960's technology to interpret a large volume of data and electrical disturbances that could be presented via an improvised broadcast technology. - Dr. Bremner

Addendum 04 (05/07/1999) Analysis of Foundation records has determined that the original broadcast was transmitted on a radio wave frequency of between 2.4 and 5.0 gigahertz. While the transmission rate is unknown, based on observed evidence and on calculations from the original recording it is believed that the broadcast's data output was approximately 450 megabits per second for its entire duration. This provides a new possibility for the source of the initial broadcast: a form of wireless networking technology. As of this date, the only commercially available source is this technology is [REDACTED], which is currently at a capacity approximately 32% of the broadcast's. All known military sources are at a similar level of development and broadcast capacity. By current estimates, taking into consideration the projections for development of the technology over the next three decades, the source of the transmission is estimated to have originated between the years 2000 and 20██. -Dr. Bremner

Addendum 05 As of ██/██/20██, SCP-2014 is considered to be Explained, and its class has been altered accordingly. Digital analysis of sound and visual patterns revealed a 91.4% synchronisation rate with the music video [DATA REDACTED], released on June 17 20██ to the video sharing website YouTube. The band responsible for the video, ██ ██, is well-known online for their highly complex and visually distinctive music videos, often utilising optical illusions and everyday objects arranged to create said visuals. At this stage it is unknown how the music video was transmitted to 1969, and any current resources being used to investigate SCP-2014 are now being reassigned to investigate the probable source.

Note: "When I was a kid, there was a pirate radio hijacking of a television station. Some guy dressed as Max Headroom talking about random things. It's still not known who was behind it and, quite frankly, I'm becoming more and more convinced this object is a temporal version of that thing. Someone is going to be laughing their asses off at NASA in a few years' time, mark my words." - Dr. Dawley