SCP-xxxx-A after containment

Item #: xxxx

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-x-A must always be worn by an O-5 Council member, SCP-x-B While not on any assignment should be operating with the nearest site directer and overseeing site defenses. SCP-x-A is currently being worn by O-5-█.

Description SCP-xxxx: SCP-x-A is a medieval gauntlet made from a previously unrecorded black metal, SCP-x-A does not have any weight or mass but operates as though it does. SCP-x-A is a fit all Item being able to re-size itself to fit so who ever wears it, wears it comfortably. SCP-x-A is also capable of some form of self repair if it is ever damaged, this is believed to be a property of the black metal that SCP-x-A is made of, there are no apparent side effects to wearing SCP-x-A. SCP-x-B on the other hand is a 2 meter tall, bipedal, steel black creature with a seed-like head, two(2) red eyes, six(6) inch long protruding neck, and no other distinguishing facial features wearing a large cloak. SCP-x-B has anisodactylous feet, with two(2) toes forwards and one(1) backwards. SCP-x-B also has four(4) arms each with four(4) fingered hands. SCP-x-B carries four(4), twelve(12) inch knives(SCP-x-C) that it keeps on a belt inside of it's cloak.SCP-x-C appears to be made out of the same metal as SCP-x-A but this is unconfirmed. SCP-x-B only appears when some one wears SCP-x-A and when it appears it is completely subservient to who ever wears SCP-x-A. While SCP-x-B lacks a Mouth and cannot speak vocaly it does communicate via non-verbal telepathic messages. These messages usually consist of ideas, orders, and images(see Amendment-xxxx-B-5). SCP-x-B is currently Commander over MTF Delta-1-"The Wingless Angles" and has lead twelve(12) successful raids on opposing Groups and Organizations(see Amendment-xxxx-B-2).

Amendment-xxxx-B-1 SCP-x-B while not in combat, often teaches and trains MTF troops in various forms of hand-to-hand combat.

Amendment-xxxx-B-2 SCP-x-B and The Wingless Angles are only ever used for tracking anomalies, raiding other GOI facilities, and defending local research Sites.

Amendment-xxxx-B-3 SCP-x-B has soma minor regenerative abilities that allow it to quickly repair itself during and after combat

Amendment-xxxx-B-4 When SCP-x-B's body is damaged to such an extent that its own regenerative abilities cannot repair it's damage it vanishes to fully regenerate, and depending on the level of damage done to it's body can effect how long it will take to fully repair it's self