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Hi Boogey!

I've added the three main drafts I've written so far. I can't figure out how to make separate tabs on a page, so they're all just kind of dumped in here. I separated them with xxxxxx, hopefully that helps.

A lot of my ideas circulate around an underdeveloped plotline I want to create about a head researcher named Annabelle Kriken. She used to be a highly respected member of the Foundation, but at some point on her timeline is assigned to my #2 idea and loses nearly all of her credentials (and not to mention memories) after breaking protocol. More on that under #2.

The ideas in here (in order) are:

1. An SCP that's literally just plot holes. The Foundation and researchers believe that the memetic effect simply causes victims to have false memories. In actuality, it is manipulating reality on a base level, deleting random individuals from existence and erasing events from the timeline. (So, for example, there'll be a D-Class who was indicted for killing his wife, but after stepping over the SCP there's no record of his wife ever existing. His memories are actually true—the SCP deleted his wife from reality, creating a "plot hole.") Kriken has a personal experience with the SCP (side note: I need to figure out some way for the effect to expire or "transfer" itself to someone else) which causes her to realize the truth. She has no way of proving it, though, so the end of the article will basically just feature her freaked-out ramblings that reality is falling apart.

2. An SCP that's a play on the idea of a Mary Sue, but more accurately like a cursed "monkey wrench" for the Foundation. Her anomalous effects are total immunity to anomalies, and complete and total knowledge of everything to do with the Foundation and the SCPs. This second one is redacted (and her containment procedures were revised) thanks to the Incident that happened with her. So, all of the following is Level 5 restricted information: Kriken was involved in a containment breach with a separate SCP (I don't know what or why yet, so I'm kind of at a dead end here) that could have been avoided. Looking for information, Kriken ends up having a series of off-the-book conversations with this SCP where she learns sensitive information about the O5-Council, SCP-001, SCP-682, and the origins of the Foundation, among other things. As such, the SCP is immediately rebranded as a dangerous security threat instead of a possible ally, and is effectively executed. Kriken has her memories wiped and is reassigned at a much lower security level. I'd like the article to end with one of these restricted interview logs, with the SCP saying basically "One day, you will need me again, and I will be awoken."

3. This is the one I submitted a while ago that got downvoted. To be honest, I'm not very attached to it, and I wasn't at the time either. A lot of the feedback I got discussed how my source image was a reference to some children's book or something? I didn't actually know that, so if I revise it, I would like to incorporate that somehow. I just don't know what that source material was, so that might be a little difficult. Anyway, I think this one has some potential, but I'm honestly not sure where to go with it.

I also have a few underdeveloped ideas that I don't have drafts for yet. Primarily I'd like to make an SCP based off of a dream I had. It's an ancient Egyptian canopic jar that basically contains a glorified slime monster that absorbs everything it touches, but the catch is that it can be communicated with and has a sentient form. I'd like it to be a Thaumiel, technically, except it's actually Euclid because it can super kill everybody, but actually it ends up working with the Foundation? So basically just throwing the whole Thaumiel concept into question. I've got a couple other ideas that are way too underdeveloped to even mention at this point, lol.

So, uh, I typed way more than I thought I would, whoops. You mentioned doing a collab, so let me know if anything here stands out to you. I'd also be totally fine with putting something together from scratch, whatever works. I'm just happy to have some help!

Anyway, here are the drafts, finally.


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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained at the center of a 1 kilometer stretch of road work on Highway ██ in California. Road work will be maintained and overseen by Strike Team "Silver Canons." While the highway will be kept open in order to avoid suspicion, no cars or pedestrians should be allowed within 300 yards of SCP-XXXX.

A 3.5 meter hollow cube of aluminum steel is to be constructed around SCP-XXXX itself in order to avoid any accidental contact with it.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a series of 13 21 44 one pothole(s) on Highway ██ in ██████████, California. When the pothole is crossed over by a person or vehicle (either by being stepped on or over), its anomalous effect is triggered. The person(s) passing over the pothole, now referred to as SCP-XXXX-1, are afflicted with a memetic effect that causes seemingly random factual discrepancies in their personal history.

This memetic effect is highly contagious. Conversation, physical touch, and even eye contact with any SCP-XXXX-1 will transfer the effect.

Although virulent, the effect is not inherently harmful. Most frequently, SCP-XXXX-1 instances will forget key memories from their personal history, or have new false memories incorporated into their subconscious. Actual fact will always contradict the inaccurate memories of SCP-XXXX-1 instances.

The following is a series of selected examples taken from tests performed on D-Class personnel.

-example log
-recovery log?
-explain how they could fill in all the holes except one (or think they did)
-Kriken flipping the h*ck out


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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is permitted to roam the lower levels of Site-17's Safe wing in handcuffs. Access to other containment cells is restricted unless authorized by personnel of Level 3 clearance or higher. Site-17 personnel are encouraged to seek out SCP-XXXX in the event of an emergency or containment breach.

SCP-XXXX is to be kept on an observation table in a soundproof humanoid containment cell at Site-17, with an intravenous drip of sodium thiopental to ensure unconsciousness and cyclical death. SCP-XXXX should not be allowed to resuscitate under any circumstances. In the event of SCP-XXXX breaking containment, personnel should not speak to SCP-XXXX for any reason. Any statements made by SCP-XXXX should be treated as false.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a human female of apparent Chinese-American descent, 1.78 meters in height. SCP-XXXX's current age is unknown, but its physiology is congruent with that of a healthy female in her early 30's. There are currently no known historical records, certificates, or photographs connecting SCP-XXXX to the outside world. Any name(s) SCP-XXXX had prior to containment are currently unknown.

SCP-XXXX's primary anomalous effect is personal immunity to everything. This includes any other anomalous effect.

This immunity applies exclusively to SCP-XXXX and anomalous properties that would effect it directly, meaning its presence cannot be used as a damper to protect non-anomalous individuals. For example, SCP-XXXX suffers no anomalous effects while in the presence of SCP-426. However, anyone else in the vicinity will be affected as normal. SCP-XXXX has no effect on SCPs whose anomalies do not effect other people.

SCP-XXXX's immunity has resulted in effective immortality. SCP-XXXX cannot age. Poisons and severe physical trauma will kill it as it would a non-anomalous subject, but SCP-XXXX resuscitates █ hours later, unharmed. [DATA EXPUNGED], total physical obliteration will not kill it.

Due to the unique nature of SCP-XXXX, high-ranking personnel are permitted to request relocation of SCP-XXXX for the purposes of testing. All staff are reminded that SCP-XXXX [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-XXXX should not be interacted with under any circumstances.


Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX was brought into Foundation custody on 8/25/20██. Site-██ staff reported seeing SCP-XXXX openly approach Foundation property from a thorough-road █ miles away. Upon being brought custody, SCP-XXXX claimed to be an anomalous object and requested containment.

It is unknown how SCP-XXXX determined the whereabouts of Site-██. No evidence of a security breach was found. SCP-XXXX has [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum A: SCP-XXXX was subjected to execution via lethal injection on 9/19/20██ for the purposes of performing an autopsy. SCP-XXXX was compliant during all phases of the procedure. Autopsy revealed biology superficially human in nature, albeit with a number of major aberrations. Red and white blood cells contained chemical compounds of unknown origin, and [DATA EXPUNGED] was found within the white matter of the brain. Fibrous membrane was genetically similar to samples taken from SCP-███.

Note: The idea of medical application was tempting, but a cross-contamination test with a few D-Class proves that anything from her body is basically poison. Its blood cells kill a human's, its tissue causes biodegradation on a human's, and god only knows what the brain matter would do. There's nothing to gain here from further medical testing. -K█████

Interview Log: The following interview was conducted by Head Researcher █████████ K█████ on 8/26/20██ following containment. NOTE: Following Incident XXXX-A, Log has been appended and edited for coherency. Staff are again reminded that all non-general statements made by SCP-XXXX should be treated as false.

K: Let's start simple. What do you call yourself?

SCP-XXXX: You will know me as SCP-XXXX.

K: You learn quick. I want to know what you were called before you met us.

SCP-XXXX: There was no "before." I am here for the Foundation. The Foundation is all that matters now. "Before" the Foundation, there was the chaos. I served the chaos. Now I will serve you.

K: What does that mean, "serve"?

SCP-XXXX: You are wise people, and your intentions are good, but you do not understand the forces with which you mettle. You attempt to kill SCP-682, you attempt to fix SCP-2599. You think this is progress. You need guidance, to show you a better way.

K: Where did you get this information?

SCP-XXXX: Nowhere. It is my information. I am the ██████████ ██ ███ █████████.

K: Very funny. Were you set up to do this? Did someone send you?

SCP-XXXX: I come alone. You do not believe me now, but you will later. Then you will want to talk to me again.

K: The skips can't effect you.

SCP-XXXX: That term is unofficial.

K: But you know it. Why can't they effect you?

SCP-XXXX: It has always been this way. I hope to serve you where I can. I can do tests for you.

K: I can think of a few people who would like that, yes. But I'm not an idiot. I can tell when someone's lying to me.

SCP-XXXX: I have no secrets. You will know this later. And then, you won't.

Addendum B: Following Incident XXXX-A, SCP-XXXX has been reclassified to Euclid and its containment procedures have been revised. Refer to Incident Report XXXX-A for more information.



-final interview log(s)
-Experiment log?


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Example of SCP-3068-1's manifestation, taken on ██/██/2010.

Item #: SCP-3068

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Lambda Station, codename "Travelling Circus," has been established at ████████, Oregon, at the center of SCP-3068's range of influence. Due to its incorporeal nature, total containment is impossible. However, SCP-3068 can be effectively contained through regular monitoring of its activity by the Travelling Circus.

Lambda Station houses 30 on-site personnel and researchers, with Head Researcher Nathan Caollain presiding. To avoid suspicion in the local population, Lambda Station has adopted the guise of a local police force. Class A amnesiacs are to be administered to any populace involved in, or witnessing, an interaction with SCP-3068.

Description: SCP-3068 is a shared hallucinatory anomaly consisting of four common farm animals, labeled SCP-3068-1 through -4. All instances of SCP-3068 are non-corporeal, and cannot be physically interacted with by any means. To date, SCP-3068 has only manifested within the city limits of ████████, Oregon.

When SCP-3068 manifests, it is visible to all sentient creatures within a 30-meter radius. All manifestations last 5 1/2 minutes, regardless of location or number of witnesses. A witness does not need to be present for all 5 1/2 minutes in order to be subject to SCP-3068's memetic effect. If a witness leaves the city lines of ████████, SCP-3068 immediately ceases to be visible, no matter the distance. SCP-3068 only manifests between the hours of 12 AM and 6 AM.

The instances never attempt to interact with witnesses directly, but will inflict a varying memetic influence based on which instance of SCP-3068 is the "leader."

SCP-3068-1: Appears to be a common donkey, but may actually be a mule. SCP-3068-1 moves at extremely fast speeds and frequently keeps to the peripheral vision of witnesses, making it difficult to determine its exact species. When SCP-3068-1 is the "lead" animal, the other three instances will stand on its back in a pyramid shape while SCP-3068-1 moves around the area. It does not walk or run, appearing to "blur" slightly before manifesting several meters away. Witnesses of this manifestation will grow increasingly agitated and paranoid, developing acute agoraphobia over a period of █ weeks.

SCP-3068-2: A common housecat with grey spots. When SCP-3068-2 is the "lead" animal, it will appear to sit or stand on a raised surface (such as a stump) while the other three animals circle around it. SCP-3068-2 is perceived to always be looking directly at the witness, regardless of how many witnesses are currently present. Witnesses of this manifestation will not show any symptoms for █ weeks, at which point they will be inflicted with vivid hallucinations of fever and sickness, despite no actual physical affliction.

SCP-3068-3: A white dog of mixed breeding. When SCP-3068-3 is the "lead" animal, it will chase the other three animals in a wide circle. This chase appears to be happening in slow motion, with all animals making exaggerated "bounding" motions. The only exception is SCP-3068-1, who continues to blur and teleport while "running" from SCP-3068-3. Witnesses of this manifestation immediately begin hallucinating severe rashes on the skin, especially the arms, and will scratch violently at exposed skin unless restrained.

SCP-3068-4: A male rooster. SCP-3068-4 has only manifested as the "lead" animal on one occasion (see Incident Report 3068-A). The other three animals were perceived to sit on their hind legs (including SCP-3068-1, who did not move but was extremely blurry, as if vibrating). SCP-3068-4 paced in front of them, taking exaggerated steps as a real rooster would. It systematically made a "swiping" motion in front of each animal, at which point the neck of the animal burst from jugular rupture, despite the fact that SCP-3068-4 made no physical contact with it. Each animal's head then lolled back and fell off, including SCP-3068-4's. No blood was perceived. This hallucination took up the entire 5 1/2 minute duration. Witnesses of this manifestation [DATA EXPUNGED].

Anomalous effects of SCP-3068 are negated once it is expunged from memory. As such, prompt use of amnesiacs by the Travelling Circus are all that is needed for effective containment.

Incident Report 3068-A: On ██/██/201█, SCP-3068 manifested outside of a popular night club in ████████, with SCP-3068-4 as the "lead" animal. An estimated ███ individuals are believed to have witnessed the manifestation. Of the ███, 331 are confirmed dead as of ██/██/201█.

Staff Note: Congratulations, Nathan, you contained it. Technically. Sure, this isn't my department, but Site-██ deserves to know what you plan on doing about your little rooster friend. Because it's gonna happen again, natch. It's just a matter of time. ████ taught me that. —Kriken