Lemuel's Wine

Item #: SCP-XXX-EX

Object Class: Safe Explained as of 1997/04/15

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX-EX requires no unique containment beyond a standard class 4 fireproof containment box (2m x 2m x 2m) in the high-value locker at Site 33. Following testing and cleaning, personnel must place two silica desiccant packs in the item to prevent collection of fluids or moisture. Access restricted to Level 3 personnel and above.

Description: SCP-XXX-1-EX is a clay amphora1. The item's color and physical characteristics2 are consistent with clay and pottery used around 950 B.C. which coincides with carbon dating performed on the item. Dimensions are 50 cm tall and 29 cm in diameter at the widest point. Item can hold approximately 3.3 liters. The name "שְׁלֹמֹה" is written on the bottom with writing style and lettering matching the Proto-Hebrew dialect.

When wine is placed in the item, the tannins, alcohol, and ethyl acid leech [REDACTED] from the clay, and then process into the previously unknown substance [DATA EXPUNGED], or SCP-XXX-2-EX. Wine should be held in the item for at least 20 minutes for significant creation of SCP-XXX-2-EX. Humans consuming at least 200 mL of wine causes complete memory loss for the previous 14-54 years, though generally memories from age 7 and younger are preserved. Removing memories from ages 7-0 is partially successful in subjects age 9 and younger, however this becomes increasingly difficult to measure as the subjects memories are difficult to date. Repeated exposure causes complete inability to convert memories from short-term to long-term (the same as repeated exposure to currently utilized Class-B and -C amnesiacs). Humans consuming less than 150 mL has an exponentially lessened effect.

Extracting the active ingredients from SCP-XXX-2-EX into a concentrated tincture is relatively easy using conventional methods and does not appear to alter the effect. The tincture is commonly known as Compound-Mu (or C-μ) in this form. C-μ is in internal clinical trials for inclusion in and possible replacement of the current Class-C amnesiac. As the current Class-C amnesiac has a <2.█% chance of the subject retaining <4.█% memories. The [DATA EXPUNGED] may be as effective eliminating memories in all but <0.██% cases with only <3.██% possibly memories retained.

UPDATE 1999/04/16: C-μ has been successfully independently synthesized, however production is substantially easier by utilizing SCP-XXX-1-EX to create SCP-XXX-2-EX. 4 mL C-μ approved for inclusion in standard Class-C Amnesiac as formulated by Dr. Wilcox. -O██

Further research is approved for potential combination with [REDACTED] for a theoretical Class-D amnesiac.

Addendum XXX-1:

1994/12/01: All attempts at re-creating a clay vessel with similar effects have failed. -Dr. Wilcox

Addendum XXX-2:

1997/01/04: Request item downgraded to -EX. -Dr. Yensen
1997/04/15: Approved. Though creation of SCP-XXX-2-EX via SCP-XXX-1-EX is not fully understood, the final product has been extensively tested and evaluated. Until [REDACTED] has been depleted from SCP-XXX-1-EX, it will remain the primary source for generating C-μ. -Dr. Wilcox

Addendum XXX-3:

20██/06/20: Request approval and resources to research potential for airborne dispersal of mass-population Amnesiac agents. -Dr. Yensen
20██/09/14: Request still under consideration. -Dr. Wilcox
20██/11/08: Approved. -O█