Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
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SCP-XXXX is a species of parasite that inhabits Amanita muscaria, a basidiomycete mushroom that usually grows in the northern hemisphere, but specimens infected by SCP-XXXX can grow in even the harshest of environments, barring the need of soil. It is currently unknown how SCP-XXXX infects the mushroom and why, but only around 0.003% of the mushroom is estimated to be infected with SCP-XXXX at any given time. SCP-XXXX exhibits anomalous effects when ingested by any type of animal. When SCP-XXXX is in the digestive track, SCP-XXXX will then penetrate the intestines in the animal and navigate itself to the nearest vein or artery to latch on a blood cell. Once latched, SCP-XXXX injects (CENSORED) into the blood cell, which causes the blood cell to reproduce genetic copies of itself, with the dose of (CENSORED). Copies of blood cells will infect more and more blood cells. White cells will also be latched onto, and used to fight other white cells, delaying the immune system. Once the immune system shuts down after 30 minutes to one week, SCP-XXXX will enter the second stage. To note, the species infected of SCP-XXXX will not show major symptoms, barring some pain in the intestines and increase of infection or contact of other diseases due to the weakened immune system. SCP-XXXX itself, the parasite, will feed off of other sets of tissue

After the shutdown of the immune system, the cells infected by SCP-XXXX will then head to the intestines, forming a large clump of tissue by the cells. Any other cells will become swallowed by the mass of tissue and become part of it. Beings at this stage will begin feeling massive stomach and abdominal pain and internal bleeding. When this occurs, SCP-XXXX will direct itself towards the brain. SCP-XXXX will direct itself to the brain and inject a different strain of (CENSORED) as with the cells, but geared for 'controlling' the mind. Different spots of the brain are injected between animals, but usually the centers for emotion, attention, basic body movement, and thought are injected with (CENSORED).

After this stage, SCP-XXXX can then control most of what the infected host does. It will usually navigate the being to a dark, damp, and isolated place so that the final stage of the infection may occur. Once SCP-XXXX finds a suitable place, the mass of flesh has most likely consumed the intestine tissue and possibly other parts of the body. The mass of flesh will 'sprout' from the body, breaching the skin and growing outside of the body. The branches of tissue will usually only extend 2 centimeters away from the body. The accumulation of the meat will also surround bone and break off certain pieces so that they can incorporate them into the being and for other purposes. The mass will also swallow all other organs except for the heart and brain. The infected host is limp at this point and can not physically move. Most of the body of the host will just be flesh and bone.

After 1-6 hours after this stage, SCP-XXXX will 'reconstruct' most of the infected host. Bones will be put in place supported by flesh, and the infected will begin to walk around. Beings infected do not have to breathe, eat, or any other normal bodily function. They will wander around, looking for other animals, living or dead, so that they may harvest their tissue and add theirs to their own. The flesh sprouts also grow, ranging from 5-104 at this stage for beings infected by SCP-XXXX. They have full control over these branches and may use them as 'hands', building flesh around objects to grasp things, or transport sharp bone to these sprouts to use them as knives and spears. The bone and flesh house (CENSORED), using them to stab into victims and infect them at a much faster rate rather than infecting them with SCP-XXXX itself.

If there is an excess of tissue and flesh in the infected being, they take some sharp pieces of bone so that they can rip the stomach and abdomen open, so that the host can take the flesh from inside to wherever SCP-XXXX covets for, and be made into more flesh sprouting from the body. Certain specimens of SCP-XXXX may grow larger from this method, becoming bigger than their natural bodies may allow. The largest specimen was 12 meters tall (39 ft) and the same width of that of a bear.
Refer to the addendums for further information on beings infected by SCP-XXXX and first containment.


Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3XXX is to be stored in a 5x5 meter steel box, and on top of a steel podium roughly three (3) meters tall, extending towards a base three (3) meters wide and five (5) centimeters high. The base is to be surrounded by retractive glass, three (3) meters wide and one (1) meter tall, and SCP-3XXX placed inside of it. The glass may not be retracted without a class three (3) key card and an official signed seal by the Research Director of SCP-3XXX or the Site Director. Handling of SCP-3XXX must be supervised by a security guard.