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Title #:SCP-2512
Object Class: Euclid

Video still from Class-D personnel cam 88A49C.


SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-02 in containment.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2512 is to be contained in a 3m cube of 8cm of cement. There are six cement walls surrounding the containment room each one foot apart wit eight grates in each so as to prevent further breach of containment.However, given the sheer amount of grates and ventilation systems that exist in the world, breach of containment is always a possibility. All personnel are to be on high alert. An 05 counsel member has been informed.
Description: SCP-2512 is a seemingly infinite labrinth of metal air ventilation. Class-D personnel have been sent in with wireless streaming cameras and tracking devices so as to map the structure. The entrance is an ancient venetian style heating grate. from gathered data, the "labrinth" becomes steadily modern, from copper to industrial ventilation.
SCP-2512 was contained after a little girl entered the vent in an old venetian style home in 19██. SCP soldiers enterd the vent,one of particular note is Pvt. ██████ who is equipped with prototype gear, a wireless streming camera and an audio recorder, both of which are rechargable by movement. These are both still currently running.
Recent footage from Pvt. ██████ reveals it eating a Class-D Personnel, this is shown on both camera feeds. Pvt.██████ is no longer stated as human.
Recent Class-D Personnel footage revealed another grate as an exit. The subject left SCP-2512. Tracking revealed the subject to be in ████████, Russia. Grate was brought into containment as SCP-XXXX-02. The Subject was terminated.
Addendum: SCP-2512A is not one, but in fact multiple humanoids that have been seen within the "labrinth". Class-D Personnel had come across these humanoids within the "labrinth" on█/██/███. Camera footage reveals these figures as extremely thin and pale, sunken skull-like features and no visible lips. They often have little to no hair and are usually nude, possibly from eating their clothes. Class-D Personnel often find them in dead ends or crawling behind them. When noticed, the humanoids attack, the camera feed promptly stops. It is believed to be destroyed. Audio after the loss of video reveals screaming then silence. The subject is then declared dead. A drone was sent in to capture one SCP-2512A on ██/█/███ and was successful. an autopsy was done on the humanoid. The report showed high levels of ██████, ██████, and iron within the blood stream. Bone structure is similar to that of a pre-adolescent male, though its physical appearance is genderless. Previous camera footage reveals them to be extremely hostile towards warm-blooded animals but appear to have low intelligence.