Decibelle Draftswapping

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Surveillance of SCP-XXXX is to be performed from Outpost-51. A secure perimeter is to be established 50 meters from the building. Objects within the perimeter are to be removed if possible. Civilians approaching the perimeter are to be denied entry using the standard cover story of ongoing construction.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a two-story building in Aquinnah, Massachusetts. It is constructed from a mixture of conventional materials (e.g. lumber, rebar, concrete) and unconventional materials (e.g. foliage, plastic pharmaceutical bottles, tissue papers). Computer-aided analysis indicates that SCP-XXXX's structural integrity is equivalent to that of non-anomalous buildings of similar design.

SCP-XXXX will use objects brought within 15 meters of it as construction materials for its own expansion, beginning with additional rooms and connecting corridors before proceeding on to decorations and furnishings. This process occurs over the course of 24 hours. Some objects are not incorporated into SCP-XXXX in this manner, including sand, coal, and herbaceous vegetation. The criteria through which construction materials are selected or discarded is currently unknown.

The layout and decoration of SCP-XXXX resembles those of museums. Various items are displayed in makeshift showcases, with similar items located near each other. Two rough pictographs are inscribed near each item. It is unknown what they represent, as the pictographs rarely resemble the items. Items taken from SCP-XXXX are not replaced, and any displays of the item taken are only filled once a similar object is provided for SCP-XXXX to use. The pictographs will be crossed out and replaced with two new pictographs. These pictographs are rarely similar to the previous ones.

SCP-XXXX is built around a deprecated wooden shack, the only entrance into the rest of the building. The first floor contains five rooms with two connecting corridors and a staircase up to the second floor. The second floor appears to be incomplete, consisting of a single room. The room's decor resembles an office. The second floor has remained unchanged since its initial construction. Items brought near SCP-XXXX to incorporate into the room and possibly replace any makeshift furniture have been instead used for construction or presentation in other parts of the building.

If an area of SCP-XXXX is damaged in any way, it will attempt to rebuild itself in the same layout. If a significant portion of SCP-XXXX is destroyed, it will rebuild itself to an approximation of the layout prior to its destruction. The reconstruction of the second-floor room and staircase is prioritized over repairs to the rest of the building. Repairs often include additional constructions apparently intended to protect showcases from further damage. When repairing itself, SCP-XXXX will use objects up to 50 meters away.

Addendum XXXX-A: List of Exhibits

  • First Floor, Southwesternmost Room:
    • Empty except for a crystal ball covered by leaves. Pictographs: Oval Squiggle