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Item #: SCP-3112

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3112 should be powered down when not being experimented upon. Only Class D personnel are allowed to be within the containment cell of SCP-3112 when experimentation is ongoing. Please note that SCP-3112's effects are irreversible and permanent.

Description: SCP-3112 is a small, plastic lantern with a recorded height of 6.5 inches. The lantern possesses a very powerful LED light bulb that can reach a luminosity of 550 candles. On the body of the lantern is a dial that is used to adjust the luminosity of the bulb. There are no company logos or clues of origin anywhere on the lantern.

When SCP-3112 is turned on, the light is described as "Heavenly" and "pleasing to the eyes". Even when the lantern is at full luminosity, the glow of the bulb does not appear to strain the eyes of anyone who make direct visual contact with the bulb itself.

However, if someone, or something, makes physical contact with the light of SCP-3112, their overall aging process of the exposed personnel is significantly increased. Some people can age from a period of three months to as much as 50 years in the span of minutes of making contact with the light the lantern releases when it is activated. Studies have shown that the more intense the light is, the faster the aging process becomes for the person, or persons, exposed.

The exposed personnel will undergo permanent physical, and psychological changes that are often considered natural as the aging process continues. Such changes include loss of memory, loss of eyesight, weight gain, balding, sagging skin, skin discoloration, etc. Many people who have been exposed to the light of SCP-3112 have also developed many diseases such as cancer, liver disease, and others.

It is possible for exposed personnel to die from exposure if they remain in the light of SCP-3112 for too long. Several have died due to SCP-3112's effects. All bodies have been cremated and the ashes have been returned to the respective families.