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SCP-scip-25 prior to the setup of test scip-1

Item #: SCP-scip

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-scip are contained in Site-██, with a containment unit allowing access between outdoors and indoors as needed. An instance of SCP-scip requires the same amount of care as a two kg Oryctolagus cuniculus(Domestic rabbit)1 and maintenance should be done on a weekly basis. At night all instances of SCP-scip should be moved into cages that carry 2-3 instances each. The caretakers are currently C-class personnel assigned to SCP-scip and MTF Phi-20 ”foxy hunters” is on standby for event scip-2. Approved instances of SCP-scip are allowed to be used in therapy.

For individual types of instances, see relevant tables in the description.

Description: SCP-scip is a genetically mutated breed of Oryctolagus cuniculus similar to mini rexes2. Instances of SCP-scip have an animated star pattern on the dorsal surface of their bodies; the rabbits are affected in various ways by the stars.

When two instances of SCP-scip emotionally bond, they develop a binary star system and one instance's star can be viewed from the other rabbit. Other stars can be added to this as more instances of SCP-scip bond with each other.

Various types of instances have appeared over time, currently there are three types: Normal, Unusual, and Remnant.

Addendum 1: Incident scip-1

Foreword: Prior to this event, all instances of SCP-scip were collected from various households and location. During an examination on why the instances weren’t breeding, all not remnant instances woke up and escaped containment in various ways. Surpassing their normal physical limitation and all heading to one point. Pursuit was done with MTF Phi-20 ”foxy hunters”.

Audio log scip-24
Site Director ██████: Do you have any clue on why they’re acting this way?
Doctor █████: If I did I would’ve told you already. They seem to all be heading to one location, so reherding and recontainment shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll update you if we find out anything new.
How are we doin capt? I realize this on really short notice, hopefully it’s nothing too bad.
MTF captain ████: Nothing to worry about, should we attempt to stop them?
Doctor █████: Only if they begin to disperse, we need to know why they’re doing this.
SCP-scip instances begin to slow down to a stop
Doctor █████: Stop the car! I’ll investigate myself, they’re not familiar with you yet.
Doctor █████ goes out to investigate
Doctor █████: Hey director?
Site Director ██████: yeah?
Doctor █████: Found out why they ran out here.
Site Director ██████: well?
Doctor █████: They came out to pick up baby instances of SCP-scip, they’re climbing out of a burrow as we speak.
Site Director ██████: Bring them back to the site, we’ll put the youngsters into a supplement room while we get a more permanent containment option prepped.

Afterword: Since the first incident, containment design has been revisioned to allow scips to move out of containment when this event occurs. This incident(now referred to as event scip-2) has occurred 11 times since, with the most recent leading to the discovery of SCP-████.

Addendum 2: Retrieved Relic
During Event scip-5 the following text was found on a flat side of a rock.

Simple things give birth to complex things.
Large life to little lives.
Those who give, get a chance to get.
Some who get are unsatisfied though.

Addendum 3: Report on Incident SCP-scip-11

On 6/11/████ a F4 tornado was on route to site-19, due to the large number of SCP-scip on site. Only a few instances of each type could be taken into the shelter, and the rest were moved into their indoor cages. After the storm only three of the initial 21 were left.
Causes of deaths vary, only a few of the deaths were linked directly to the storm. Majority of the deaths were bleed outs caused by wounds from nails and teeth, presumably most of these were caused by the Class-N instance when containment was destroyed by debris. This instance was killed when multiple Class-O instances attacked as seen from the camera footage.
All other deaths were caused by the tornado, whether it’d be falling debris, structural failures or missing.

Addendum 4:

Since incident SCP-scip-5 one year ago, no new instances have been retrieved or seen since. The text on the rock from Addendum 3 has been changed to:

You’ve failed

Addendum 5:

Only two instances of SCP-scip remain, object class change to neutralized is pending.