Lumen Laus: teddy bear

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXX appears as a common teddy bear toy, measuring 18,9 cm in height and primarily composed of mohair and wood wool filling, with black eyes made from shoe-buttons, while mouth and nose are embroidered with black silk, along with two scars, located respectively above the left eye and on the lower left limb.
It is unclear when exactly SCP-XXX was produced, as the old materials and the raw method of crafting used to make SCP-XXX seem to suggest to have been hand-made some time around the early twentieth century, although SCP-XXX lacks of any serious deterioration, contrary of what would be expected from such an old teddy bear. every attempt to date the exact time of origin of SCP-XXX has so far failed.

SCP-XXX will remain completely mostly motionless, unless somebody within a 10 m radius from SCP-XXX expresses in any way (for example by speaking, writing, and even drawing) to have lost an object belonging to them. If this happens, SCP-XXX is to be considered active.
Once it has been activated, SCP-XXX will remain still until every direct line of sight with it is broken (Indirect eye contact does not seem to bother SCP-XXX, whether it's aware of it or not); at that point, SCP-XXX will start moving and behaving like a living being, trying to find the object lost by who activated him.
If SCP-XXX is able to find the missing object, it will then return to the location where it had been activated, bringing the object with it, and ceasing all activities most of its activities. SCP-XXX is then to be considered deactive.
If SCP-XXX is unable to find the object, SCP-XXX will start showing increasing signs of distress, eventually giving up and returning to the location where it had been activated. SCP-XXX will then produce between its hands a single butter cookie (referred to as SCP-XXX-2), before ceasing all activities most of its activities. SCP-XXX is then to be considered deactive.

All instances of SCP-XXX-2 appear to be perfectly harmless butter cookies of circular shape, all measuring 2,5 cm in diameter and 0,4 mm in height. SCP-XXX-2 have been described by test subjects as the most delightful cookie that they have ever eaten.
All instances of SCP-XXX-2 are to be conserved for further tests and any unauthorized consumption will be met with disciplinary action.

Addendum SCP-XXX-A: On ██/██/████, SCP-XXX managed to free itself from its safe through unknown means and move freely around the site for several minutes, before being found by security officers behind a vending machine. It is to be noted that even while attempting to escape, SCP-XXX paid absolutely no attention to any of the security cameras, leading to its capture. The recorded skills shown by SCP-XXX to avoid several personnel members without being seen, occasionally even stopping for no purpose other than making fun of them, is considered a valid proof of SCP-XXX's intelligence.
SCP-XXX's status has now been elevated to Euclid.

Addendum SCP-XXX-B: follows the transcription of an attempted interview, conducted by Dr.███████ and recorded by a security camera.

Dr.███████ enters the room, SCP-XXX has been placed on a table. Dr.███████ signals all other personnel members to stop looking, then turns his back to SCP-XXX, using a mirror to mantain an indirect line of sight.
After three seconds, SCP-XXX starts moving its head, then it stands up and moves to the edge of the table, looking downwards.
Dr.███████: "Hello, SCP-XXX."
SCP-XXX freezes, then slowly moves its head towards Dr.███████.
Dr.███████: "You heard me, good. I'm Dr.███████, do you understand me?"
SCP-XXX stands still for seven seconds.
Dr.███████: "I know that you can move freely and you clearly heard me, there is no need for you to stop."
after a brief moment, SCP-XXX moves closer to Dr.███████ and sits on the edge of the table
Dr.███████: "Ah, you listened to me. Then maybe you do understand me, or maybe you just saw that I kept speaking to you?"
SCP-XXX keeps looking at the floor, swinging its leg back and forth.
Dr.███████: "Come on, there is no need to be afraid, none of us here want to hurt you…"
SCP-XXX quickly raises its head and looks around a second time, then stands up. It's showing clear signs of distress.
Dr.███████: "Hey, hey, calm down, everything is fine. Come on, Speak to me. Are able to speak? If not, please, shake your head?"
SCP-XXX seems to ignore Dr.███████, and instead keeps running around the table, appearing increasingly agitated.
Dr.███████: "If you keep running around and refuse to listen to me, then we'll have to put you back in your safe."
SCP-XXX suddenly stops and turns to look at Dr.███████, then it sits down, assuming something similar to fetal position.
Dr.███████: "That's better, and this proves that you can definitely understand what I'm saying. Now, are you able to speak?"
SCP-XXX appears to be trembling. It raises and shakes its head.
Dr.███████: "You can't. That's a shame, there were many question that you won't be able to answer… Well then, let's start with…"

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