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This is my sandbox page for works in progress. I've created a page on SCP Sandbox III. If I get one more thing to stick to the mainlist maybe I'll use that to draft up an author page. >_>

Den of Disquiet: Herman runs away from home. (Cambridge, MA)

The Preacher's Apprentice: Herman pursues a thief who stole from his mentor. (Zeke meets up w Winter's crew outside of Fairfax, VA [Inventor's hideout: Burke Lake?])

Boy Who Cried Wolf: Herman discovers the fate his mother has planned for him: mom and LF leave to gather allies and do site prep. HF uses the beacon to call wolves; all house servants leave w them (and maps and notes). AF is upset but HF convinces him their enemies did it. They grab substitute humans from the furniture factory and ride pell-mell for the site. The Inventor and her iron "wolves" to bust up the party. With fire.

???: Herman has escaped to the Library, where he meets a boy from Texas (?) whose face is currently right side up.

Boy Who Cried Wolf: Outlines a tale cycle from Herman Fuller's troubled childhood. Redheaded stepchild of a Sarkist widow and apprentice tent evangelist.

Signal Tower of Saint-Inventor Chock: Because finding a way to get my machine poetry onto this site would be heckin rad.

Mekhanite Ironclad: Wanna work in "Page 285 of the guild ledger" and further explore how the Mekhanite / Sarkic cold war moved to America.

Extradimensional Technique: An anomalous jiu-jitsu hold that transports two people to a dojo safehouse for 24 hours.

Wondertainment song: Gonna try to set DarkStuff's poem to music. And record it on Audacity. And somehow upload it.

Incident 3214-3900-Alpha: SCP-3214 and 3900 interact "in the wild." Includes: Memo to Site 15, aka Doctor Cortes Gets A Doggo

In here are things I will find useful when writing / researching other SCPs. As well as small brainstorms which may become big ones later.

Sapient possum + Wondertainment / dado play doctor kit = WINNING
Possums + crows + manta rays + skinks + (squirrels?) = Sacred order of sapient animal fifthists

Would a skip or tale using Lee & Miller's Aequitas game be a licensing issue? The game appears to be their creation (specifically Steve's creation) and they have a strict no-fanfic policy due to people taking advantage of them in the past.