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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be 8ft x 8ft room (with a shatterproof glass ceiling letting to show the sky, see incident-XXXX-1) personnel must supply SCP-XXXX with sugar and plant-based foods due to it lacking any farms to make it self-sufficient. researchers Level 2 is to study SCP-XXXX and the Door to SCP-XXXX containment cell are to be guarded by Security personnel of level 2 clearance. in case of a large Containment breach from other SCPs Dr.Mayors and SCP-XXXX must be extracted with SCP-XXXX in its mobile form by 05 command to a different site

Description: SCP-XXXX is a City model of London, SCP-XXXX has a hospital 5 schools, 10 work facilities, a rehabilitation facility for criminals, running water and working electricity although researchers can't find the source of them, a working government and have their own version of the internet. SCP-XXXX can turn into a silver Briefcase with with the words "The Hermit City" on both sides if attempted to open the briefcase that is impossible to open unless current leader (Dr.Mayors) gently taps on it and an instance of SCP-XXX-B will come out and confirm with the current leader to unpack but if SCP-XXXX doesn't have a leader it will open when placed down on a surface.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered on 10th June 20██ in England, London after a report of confusion. after posters of an election started appearing causing Civilians to start question the mayor of London and Field Agents were dispatched to investigate the posters and were led to an apartment building at ████████ ████████ on the top floor. when Field Agents open the door to the location they found tables set with drinks, food and application forms but when the owner was discovered he told the Field Agents that he was dying of an illness and can't resume the role of mayor of SCP-XXXX and needs someone younger to resume the role and the next day the owner Expired in his sleep with instance of SCP-XXXX-B mourning him and placing small species of flowers on him.
when personnel let instances of SCP-XXXX-B finish mourning, personnel had told the inhabitant of SCP-XXXX that they had to move their city to a different location and the inhabitant asked to leave them to pack for a day and personnel agree and told media outlets that the poster was a prank some teenagers did to ruin the mayors reputation.
when personnel came back to pick up the inhabitants they were shocked to find the apartment with evidence of the election and SCP-XXXX but with only a briefcase on the floor with the words "The Hermit City" and was taken to Site-██ and the briefcase later turn back into SCP-XXXX.

Incident Log XXXX-2: 1000 instance of SCP-XXXX-B Died from sleep deprivation and request that they are to be moved to a large room with a window that had a clear view of the sky

the request was granted

Test logs:

Incident Log XXXX-2: after a week of observation we discovered D-class-19483 was using SCP-XXXX-B instances to kill other instance that protested against him. not long after a door emerged from the wall behind him and an Unknown Entity had come out and killed D-Class-19483 and took his body into the door. whatever that thing was it doesn't want a corrupt leader managing a City, we better use some with more intellect to become the leader.

more test is to be made on SCP-XXXX

Interviews with inhabitants: