Literally a McDonald cup

Note from creator: I'm not going to use up an object number on what is, essentially, a barebones draft so the number of the SCP will be two x's. Easy, no?
Feel free to edit this, I wrote most of it on a cellphone so grammatical errors are likely if not inevitable

Item #: pending (henceforth referred to as xx)

Object class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX is currently neutralized and resides in a low security storage locker. Testing with SCP-xx has been discontinued. Current storage procedures does not differ from pre-neutralization containment procedures; no archived procedures are available.

Description: SCP-xx is an anomalous soft drink beverage container with markings attributing it to the ████████'█ company.

Anomalous characteristics manifest when SCP-xx is placed into the blades of an active by a sentient being, henceforth referred to as subject. SCP-xx will be destroyed by the lawnmower and reforms upon exit.1

This is referred to as an XX event. Upon completion of an XX event, SCP-XX' will produce a strong infohazard. All sentient beings within 2.31 Meters of SCP-xx will experience meditative thought on the definition/significance of fast food, carbonated beverages and the procedural cutting of the Gramineae2 family. Should multiple observers be present, there is a 65.2 % chance that a debate over the aforementioned topics will emerge. This effect lasts 324 seconds with a standard deviation of 12 seconds.

Neutralization: SCP-xx was neutralized on █/██/2006 when SCP-████ breached containment and self propelled into storage locker 26, damaging ██ objects. SCP-xx was crushed during the breach and has since demonstrated no anomalous traits.

Note from Dr. Tinners: SCP-xx asks the question of how many other unremarkable, anomalous things out there that we haven't discovered because of how bland, or how unique of a circumstance there must be for them to activate. Either way, what does it mean to be soda?