scp-2949 draft

Item #: SCP-2949

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2949 and SCP-2949-1 are to be contained in a solid concrete room that measures 5 m x 7 m x 5m chamber with one 7 cm thick iron door at the opening of the room. In the chamber there is to be a bed, a sofa, a T.V. set, a toilet, and a sink. Each day SCP-2949 is to be given coloring supplies and 2 meals, all drawings, crayons, paper, and food trays will be collected at the end of the day by D-class personnel.
Absolutely no one is to come into contact with SCP-2949 (unless you are D-class personnel.) Personnel are forbidden to speak to SCP-2949, for fear of provoking SCP-2949-1. All unauthorized D-class personnel attempting to communicate to SCP-2949 will be terminated.


Image of SCP-2949 post containment.

Description: SCP-2949 is a young Caucasian male named ██████, who, at the time of the writing of this report, is [DATA EXPUNGED] years old. (We believe that the age of SCP-2949 is no longer relevant, he is a SCP and is to be treated as such. Any attempt to sympathize or communicate with SCP-2949 will cause you to be demoted or terminated.)
SCP-2949-1 is a violent entity that only SCP-2949 can see and hear without the use of equipment. (We are able to hear SCP-2949-1 talk if we have the proper recording equipment.) SCP-2949 seems to refer to SCP-2949-1 as “Mr. Nice”.

SCP-2949 first came to the Foundation's attention on ██/██/████ after being told about several instances teachers at the school that SCP-2949 was attending being dismembered, SCP-2949 and SCP-2949-1 were then found as the cause of the murders and they were captured and detained at the expense of agents ██████ and ████. All teachers and students in the school were given class-C amnesiacs. According to SCP-2949’s mother 2949 has been mute since the death of his father. It was hard to interview him because of this, but we have found that whenever we question SCP-2949 he starts to draw or write answers down on paper, hence the reason we give him coloring supplies. Though 2949 pretends to be scared of 2949-1, as if it were a monster threatening 2949, we now know that 2949 commands SCP-2949-1 to do what he wants of it.
On several occasions SCP-2949 has drawn pictures that show the brutal murders of D-class personnel and some researchers, such as Dr. ██████, Dr. ██████, and Dr. ██████. (See images 2949-A, 2949-B, and 2949-C)


Image 2949-A: A picture drawn by SCP-2949-1 showing the death of doctor ██████,.

Video Interview 2949-A: Recorded transcript of an interview of SCP-2949 and SCP-2949-1
Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Interviewed: SCP-2949 and SCP-2949-1
<Begin Log>
Dr. ████: Right, then. (Referring to SCP-2949-1) May I ask you a question?
SCP-2949: (Doesn’t speak, but instead nods.)
Dr. ████: Great. Can you please tell me, how did you decapitate Dr. ██████?
SCP-2949: (SCP-2949-1’s face grows pale. He grabs Dr. ████’s paper and pen, then proceeds to draw a figure ripping another figure in two and labels them “Mr. Nice and Dr. ████ respectively. (See Image 2949-A))
Dr. ████: (Disturbed by the image) I…is…is this me?
SCP-2949: (Nods again.)
Dr. ████: (suddenly coughs up blood onto the table, then [DATA EXPUNGED])
SCP-2949-1(?): Are you pleased master?
<End Log>

Addendum #2949-A: Although SCP-2949 is currently listed as a Euclid class item, its potential for aggression has sparked some argument over a possible transfer to Keter class.

Addendum #2949-B: As of ██/██/ ████, no researchers are to question SCP-2949 directly, this is to prevent any unnecessary “Incidents.” (This is referring to the case of Dr. █████████, who thought it to be funny to tease SCP-2949.)

Test 2949-1 - Date ██/██/████
Subject: Two D-class personnel outside Site-██
Results: SCP-2949 decapitated one of the D-class using SCP-2949-1 to do so, then ripped both of the second D-class’s legs off and SCP-2949 continued to laugh at the D-class as he lay dying.