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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in a 100m x 250m fence with armed staff patrolling the area at all times. Any organic being to come within the fence area without proper clearance is to be terminated immediately, and the body incinerated.

In case of an outbreak, infected should be terminated and those involved given class A amnestics and released when the outbreak is contained.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an elevator located on the outskirts of [REDACTED], Germany. XXXX is placed in a 5m x 7m room, while the actual elevator is only 1m x 1m in size. It has an area of effect that causes everything within 66.6 meters of it to slowly wither away and die, hindering testing as humans can only last up to two hours before entering a catatonic state due to overexposure.

SCP-XXXX's main room is an empty iron chamber. The floors and walls are coated in a thin layer of human feces, blood and [REDACTED]. Attempts to clean it off have resulted in immediate panic and a memetic trigger that causes the subject to run into the elevator and begin the trials. If the subject is restrained, they begin to accelerate in aging by 1000%, expiring in minutes. Human attempts to stop this rampage have resulted in [REDACTED]. █ fatalities have been recorded.

The elevator itself is sterile and clean, no dirt or blood of any kind able to stain the surface of the inside. It ritualistically cleans itself each time it closes, destroying all evidence of previous trials. There are buttons exactly 3cm away from the door, but all don't have a purpose. A slot is placed underneath for insertion of tokens, inserting anything else causes the subject and the interior to be set alight. No damage has been caused by this.

When an organic being enters the elevator shaft, the doors will automatically close. Attempts to escape before the doors are closed result in an appendage or limb to be cut off by unknown means. Analyzing the amputation trauma reveals an unknown material. Exposure to this material results in [REDACTED] 20 minutes after.

Testing reveals the elevator goes down on it's own, leading to randomized trials that cause severe mental, emotional and occasionally physical trauma. Each one is accompanied by stereotypical demons (designated SCP-XXXX-A) and a man dressed in a suit who calls himself "Lucifer." (designated SCP-XXXX-B)

All video footage of the trials are corrupted, but the connection in the elevator remains unaffected and clear, even when the depth is impossibly deep. The elevator goes down forever, even when it's logically impossible to reach that depth, though the deepest recorded floor is the 578th.

The trials consist of thousands of varieties according to D-Class personnel and volunteers, usually randomized. The most common being:

  • The subject opens up to a dark room, a loved one is sprawled out on the table. Subject is forced to terminate the loved one with a small knife and consume their innards. Failure to comply results in [REDACTED]. Succeeding results in a token. Said loved one typically dies of total organ failure within 6 days.
  • Subject is forced to use their blood to feed small animals, who expire graphically if not fed. After all are dead, a token is pulled out of one of the animals. When subject leaves the SCP, any animals nearby subject will attack it and consume all of the blood in it's body.
  • Subject is tied to the side of a pole. Below the subject is a hole of indeterminate depth, but there have been reported cases of a young girl laughing, moaning or crying. The subject remains tied for 24 hours, before [REDACTED].

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