Dem_SCP's Sandbox
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Item #: SCP-2658

Object Class: Safe**

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-2658 virtually has no containment procedures, However, it does have it's own "Safekeeping Procedure" that requires a roll of packaging tape to cover and secure the two lids.

Description: SCP-2658 is a worn FedEx Delivery Box that has the ability to "create wisdom." However, the wisdom that the box generates does not have any importance to anything, or to put it bluntly, meaningless. The content of the messages it creates vary from the existence of a shadow government that controls the universe to a 5-page essay on why water is not wet. It delievers the messages by spilling itself and sending out 3 pieces of letter paper. The farthest one from the box is considered to be the "wisdom" that it generates.

The box's source for all its "wisdom" and its peculiar behaviour has been closely monitored at different Sites with different researchers for over 5 years, but to no avail.

Footnote: Contact on SCP-2658 after 10 minutes will cause minor drop in intelligence by about 2-3 points. In order to counteract this, please wear the tinfoil hats given to you at [REDACTED]. Maximum time to interact to the box is 12 minutes.