Demonweapon's box of sand
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comic -05#: SCP-####

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Comic -05# is not to be read no matter what circumstance. Do not drop the SCP no matter what. Although If dropped and lands opened do not look inside close your eyes and pick it up then close it.

Description: Comic -05# look like a regular comic book. It has many covers of the book ranging from Action hero, space, cowboys, and ,many others. Other then the cover changing the actual danger of it appears when being read. After being read the person who viewed it will act like on of the characters features in it. The threat is very low as long as you do not keep the people who think they are Super Heroes and villains for they will try and kill each other. Also because of several experiments it is known SCP - #### can not be water damaged, cooked, set on fire, dissolved in acid, or torn apart.