Cursed Game Program

Item #: SCP-1305

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a locked container at highly secured and monitored facility. There is to be constant surveillance on SCP-1285 via camera, or other methods. Guarded by one or more security personnel equipped with standard fully-automatic rifles. These security personnel must undergo specific training, take multiple tests, and have a clearance level of 3 or higher in order to guard the object or use the object for testing. If any unauthorized personnel are trying to gain access to SCP-1305, they are to be strictly denied and/or neutralized.

The object is only to be retrieved for testing purposes only.

Description: SCP-1305 is an unmarked and untitled game cartridge, game CD, or program. It is indestructible and cannot be destroyed or damaged. Every 3-4 months the object will change to another form of program, and be usable on the certain system or console it is currently formed for. It is a perfect copy of the game disc, cartridge, or program it is supposed to represent. Personnel who have ever played a video game will be drawn to the object if they are within ██ meters of the object and will go to great lengths to try and steal the object.

When it is inserted into a console or system, it can play any game or program consistent with that system. Programs appear to be presented at complete random and have no pattern. If test subjects wish to play a different program, simply reset the system.

At first, the programs on the object appear to have no anomalous properties and are completely normal. After about 30 minutes, subjects will notice little problems or "glitches" with the current program. These instances are to be referred to as SCP-1285-01. This is only seen by the subject using SCP-1305, and no other personnel. If the program allows multiple test subjects to use the program at once, these subjects will notice these so called "glitches," also. These problems last for at least a second or more and then disappear.

After the test subject has spent more than 1 hour using the object, the "glitches" will appear more frequently and often. The more time the test subject spends on the program the worse these instances occur.

If the subject uses the object for more than 2 hours, images will start to appear in the program and last for at least more than 5 seconds. These images are to be referred to as SCP-1305-02. Subjects describe these images as extremely graphic and disturbing, and are also said to cause extreme anxiety and paranoia in subjects using SCP-1285. Subjects also claim to see instances of SCP-1305-02 if they make quick eye movements or blink. If subjects stop using the object at this point, they will express high interest to use SCP-1285 again, in a non-violent manner. Subjects will try to hide their symptoms, these symptoms can be cured by a small amount of aversion therapy.

After 3 hours, images appearing become more graphic and disturbing. At this point, if subjects are removed from the object, there is a 50% chance they will attempt to commit suicide and/or cause injury to themselves, or anyone around them in a frenzied state. If they do not succeed they will fall unconscious and be disabled for an extended amount of time. When they awake they will act with high hostility towards any personnel who approach them and will try to continue use with SCP-1305. They can only be cured with a major amount of aversion and behavioral therapy.

After 4 hours and beyond, subjects will aspire to destroy SCP-1305. If subjects attempt this, they will lapse into a coma immediately and eventually die.

Addendum 1: Due to the mind affecting nature of the object, Euclid classification pending and Special Containment Procedures are to be revised.