연구원 진의 인사 파일

임시 거주자이며
진의 베프다.

이름, 진 K████(Zyn K████).
현재 연구원이며,
생물을 공부.

보안 승인의
등급 2 등급이며,
더 할말 없음.

위치는 아직
정해지지 않았고,
[데이터 편집]

사고를 당함으로
재단에 채용.

███ 대학에서
기르던 나비들과

One of them happened
To be One Four Five Seven
Given by a friend.

곤충과 함께
일을 한 적 있지만
개미 팬 아님.

아주 민감한 귀의
재능을 가짐.

낮잠 자러가거나
사진 찍는다.

Tamali yet ma
We must gently make our way.
Learn from the shadows.


███ ██ ███.

Please don’t ask about
The haikus. I will tell you
It wasn’t my fault.

Someone thought it would
Be funny to replace my
Bowl of noodle soup.

I guess I should have
Recognized Nine Thirty-One
Even with noodles.

Sorry. Next time I’ll
Make sure to get decent sleep.
I just wanted lunch.

Note: it was observed
the instant soup actually
seemed to taste better.

Effects of exposure to SCP-931 were noted to have worn off after approximately █ hours. Following the event, Researcher Zyn was assigned to minimal-effort clerical work for █ weeks.