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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

When not in use for testing, SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a secured storage locker. Access is only authorized for personnel with Level 3 clearance, and only for approved testing procedures.

Under no circumstances should D-Class be allowed to wear SCP-XXXX.


SCP-XXXX is a men’s button-up shirt(See attached photograph). When not worn, SCP-XXXX displays no anomalous properties. Once donned by a living human(Hereafter SCP-XXXX-A), SCP-XXXX’s anomalous effects activate immediately(buttoning is not necessary).

As long as SCP-XXXX is worn, it produces a cognitohazardous effect tied to both itself and SCP-XXXX-A. Other beings in the presence of SCP-XXXX-A(Hereafter ‘Targets’) are ‘drawn’ towards SCP-XXXX-A, showing favorable attention to both SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-A, regardless of the normal proclivities of the Target in regards to SCP-XXXX-A by way of physical attraction, sexual orientation, or antisocial personality traits of the Target. This will typically begin as a display of interest, and progress to compliments towards both SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-A. Prolonged exposure to SCP-XXXX-A will cause a Target to grow towards an increasingly suggestible state, superficially consistent with lowered inhibitions due to the effects of intoxicating substances, such as alcohol.

There does not appear to be a limit to the number of Targets that can be affected by SCP-XXXX-A at a given time. This produces an effect of SCP-XXXX-A being the central figure of any given group of people who are able to perceive and interact with SCP-XXXX-A, and all Targets seem to progress from a positive disposition towards SCP-XXXX-A to a celebratory mood, leading to increased propensity for consumption of intoxicants, dancing, etc.

Indirect viewing methods(video recordings of SCP-XXXX-A, audio recordings of SCP-XXXX-A speaking, etc.) display the anomalous properties, but in a diluted fashion. Testing to establish the extent of indirect observational effects is awaiting approval.

All effects of SCP-XXXX cease immediately upon its removal, and any affected Targets will begin to act as per their normal behavior, albeit with no memory of any activities taken during the time the Target was under the influence of SCP-XXXX-A. This frequently leads to mass confusion, and can lead to violence due to the exigent circumstances the Targets may find themselves in.

If line of sight between SCP-XXXX-A and a Target is broken, the effects will linger, but slowly decrease in intensity over time. Targets kept out of line of sight of SCP-XXXX-A long enough will exhibit the same effects as Targets under the influence when SCP-XXXX is removed(Confusion, memory loss, resumption of normal behavior). The time required for the effects to fade seems to vary depending on prior exposure time, but has not been seen to last longer than ~4 hours.

Initial Containment Log:

SCP-XXXX was discovered when Agent ██Name██ called in for Foundation backup to contain an anomaly and was discovered at the apartment of SCP-XXXX-A-01(The original owner of SCP-XXXX, one ███Name█ ██Name██). Agent ██Name██ was unable to provide details as to how she ended up there, but it is presumed that she fell under the influence of SCP-XXXX-A-01 and returned with him to his place of residence. Questioning of SCP-XXXX-A-01 revealed the shirt had been purchased from a thrift store, and he, “Thought it was just a lucky shirt!”. No other details were revealed, and SCP-XXXX-A-01 was amnesticized and released after the interrogation.

Investigations into the thrift store did not reveal any possible point of origin for SCP-XXXX. No other anomalous garments were found at the store during the course of the investigation(█ other anomalous garments were recovered from the store during the course of the investigation and are currently being investigated.?).

Testing Log XXXX-01:

Wearer: Male mannequin.
Targets provided: D-XXXX57
Results: No effects observed.
Notes: Doesn’t seem to work with a non-living wearer. - Dr. Dude

Testing Log XXXX-02:

Wearer: Male chimpanzee.
Targets provided: D-XXXX57
Results: No effects observed.
Notes: I guess it’s a little more picky than just living or non-living. - Dr. Dude

Testing Log XXXX-03:

Wearer: D-XXXX58
Targets provided: D-XXXX57
Results: After donning SCP-XXXX, D-XXXX57 immediately exhibited heightened awareness of and interest in D-XXXX58. D-XXXX57 proceeded to command D-XXXX58 to perform a series of actions around the testing chamber at the behest of the testing staff. After approximately 5 minutes, D-XXXX57 then exited the testing chamber with the aid of a security officer, the pair making their way through the facility towards the exit. The facility was locked down before D-XXXX57 could make a complete escape, and agents of MTF Eta-10(“See No Evil”) were directed to the site to assist. Upon arrival, MTF Eta-10 neutralized D-XXXX57 with no complications, and SCP-XXXX was recovered undamaged.
Notes: Dr. Dude has been reprimanded for irresponsible testing procedure regarding cognitohazards, and reassigned. - Dr. NotDude