The Traveling Theater
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Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-xxx is to be kept on site (███) storage unit (███). Level 3 clearance or higher is required before any tests are permitted with SCP-xxx.

As of ██/██/██ all Personnel exposed to SCP-xxx twice are to refrain from getting near SCP-XXX for a period of 24 days. Personnel exposed to SCP-XXX more than twice are to receive psychological checkups for a period of 46 days and receive antidepressant medication until the 46 day period is up.

SCP-xxx has the appearance of an ordinary child's toy block, manufacturer unknown, with the the letter T etched on to each side of the it. Roughly a 12 by 12 by 12 cm block. SCP-xxx has no aesthetic special qualities other than the initials L.D.K on one side of the SCP-xxx.

When SCP-XXX is held by individuals holding feelings off of discontent or sadness SCP-XXX creates a pocket dimension causing the individual to disappear for 2 to 3 hours. During this time the individual will find themselves in a small theater capable of holding no more than 300 people. for the hours in this theater a show will begin. It is yet unknown have many different plays are held in this theater but so far over 20 different plays have been experience including Hamlet and Rapunzel. The contents of the play seems to be determined by the individual inside SCP-XXX

When Individuals return they express extreme happiness and gratitude.

SCP- was discovered by a field agent near a recently renovated apartment in [REDACTED]. Rumors of SCP-XXX have long existed as a Traveling theater due to its sudden appearances in different parts of the Eastern United States.

Addendum After incident involving suicide of 3 D class and 1 C class Personnel update to containment procedure has been made. See report below for more information on the incident.