Document XXXX-04: List of Emergent Specimens, Class A

The following is a catalog detailing the entirety of all specimens to have emerged from SCP-XXXX which have received an Alpha class designation. New specimens are to be documented on their appearance, behavious and obvious qualities when first contained and again after conclusion of testing. Specimen entries are to be submitted in standard format; Sections 1 through 3 must be completed immediately following containment of specimen. Sections 4 and 5 are is to be completed following testing and assessment conclusion. Section 5 is irrelevant in regards to Class A specimens, as all are terminated upon conclusion of testing.

1) Specimen Designation: XXXX-2-A###
2) Appearance: Detailed description of specimen upon visual examination at initial contact
3) Initial Behaviour: Detailed description of specimen behaviour on initial contact
4) Testing Results: Results of specimen testing
5) Assessment Results: Unnecessary for Class A- all specimens terminated upon conclusion of testing.