DocSamevi's Test Chamber: SCP-2067

Item #: SCP-2067

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Keep it in a reinforced steel box, and have bright light fixtures on all sides of the box. The light fixtures will remain on all the time, and the voices of children will be played on sound-clips every now and then.


SCP-2067 is an animatronic that was discovered in an abandoned movie set. It appeared it was brand new, it is unexplainable how it appears this way, it has the manufacturing date (█/██/██87 [M/DD/YYYY]) engraved on the right leg joint. It usually has a plush costume that has the appearance of a stuffed animal of sorts over the metal beams that hold it together. Any attempts to remove the plush costume have led to subjects being [DATA EXPUNGED] forcefully.

It reacts to any form of photography by running towards the owner of the camera, and then [DATA EXPUNGED]. It appears capable of only saying simple phrases and sentences.

It is not recommended to bring anyone 18 years of age or older near the animatronic. Any adults that have been placed in the chamber have simply been stared at by the animatronic, or even worse, [DATA EXPUNGED]. However, any child we've brought to it, it would obey anything they told it to, even going as far as altering its basic design. Because of this, no D-class personnel are allowed in the chamber that 2067 is in.

It has the ability to remotely hack our files, and cause basic errors. None of them are enough to cause a Containment Breach, however. It appears it is more active in dark spaces, and it will attempt to escape its prison. Those who have seen it in the dark suffer from hallucinations shortly after simply looking at it.

Attempts to remake the behavior of 2067 in an animatronic have ended in [DATA EXPUNGED]. We now keep the experiments locked away in similar boxes, and they must never be allowed to have people in the same box as them. They appear more active, and they are now known as SCP-2067-2, SCP-2067-3, and SCP-2067-4 for their similar appearance and behavior.

We discovered that SCP-2067 is connected to a criminal database, and we are unsure why. It reacts strangely when it hears the noises of a phone ringing, and it also doesn't seem to like its own looks. When we put a mirror in the room, it would let out a noise similar to a scream and cover its face. It would then move to a corner, face a wall, and make noises similar to a child crying.

We have given it a few pencils, markers, crayons, and paint, and some sheets of paper to see what it would do with them. It drew a few crude pictures of what appears to be a child holding what appears to be either its mother or its father's hand. There is one picture it drew of what appears to be itself leading a child into a small room. The rest is either just random words written on the paper, seemingly what appears to be coding for something.

Other pieces of paper have been found crumpled up and hidden that simply say "It's me" on them. 2067 is to be avoided at any cost by anyone in the facilities. Simply follow the procedures listed above, and you should be able to survive at least five nights on your job.