The Dark Light

Item #: SCP-

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
The specimen must be in a room of 2m in length, height and with, and must be disabled at all times unless being examined by a member of staff. Children under the age of 18 must not enter the area, and if food or drinks are not to be brought into the facility at any given time.

When operating near SCP-, you may not activate switch on the entity unless given access via personnel Level 3 or higher. To do so is a crime and may result in termination of your contract. Do not try to communicate with SCP-, as attempts have resulted in major injury to subjects mental well being.

If given clearance to operate the entity, be sure to be wearing Headphones capable of blocking out sound, and night vision goggles with live cameras attached to record and random "outbursts" that may occur during testing. If entity reacts in an alien way, be sure to have noted it down and give the results to your overseer. If results are found hidden from the overseer it will result in major punishment to your payment.

It is vital you are constantly being supervised for your own safety, and when exiting the room its mandatory for you to have been scanned and searched for anything stolen from the research area.

Description: SCP- is a entity in which cannot move by itself. It was first found in an abandoned house on 43 ███ street in the shape of a child's bedroom light. The time during the discovery was at 1:30pm when a demolition worker was clearing up the rouble from the destroyed building and decided to take it home for his 13 year old boy as a gift.

After turning it on the power cut out in the boys room, leaving them in pitch black. His child then screamed for an unexplained reason, and when the father realised that to get the power back he had to turn off the light he did, only to see his son was being attacked by his domestic dog. It was then taken from his house by an undercover employee of SCP the next day while the son and father where at the vets.

The entity seems to be capable of disabling the electricity in a 2 mile radius. Research suggests this is due to the entity being able to access the power directly from the fuse it is plugged into, and disabling the power from there. The reason why it only disables the room it is in is still a mystery.

When the switch on the lamp is pulled up, there's a 0.5 second time period before the power gets cut off. This has proven to be too slow for a normal humans reaction speed, and was tested on subject 72 twenty times. The reason testing was stopped was due to the subject physically refusing to do anymore. As his overseer I personally got the pleasure interview him:
Interviewed: Subject 72
Interviewer: Doctor ███████
Foreword: Questioning on experience with SCP-
<Begin Log, 12:48>
Interviewer: Why did you refuse to continue testing on the subject?
Pearson: Did you not see what was going on when the lights went out?
Interviewer: We had live footage displayed using night vision.
Pearson: Then you saw those, things…
Interviewer: What are these "things" you speak of?
Pearson: You said to me that you could see. I didn't think you would LIE to me!
Interviewer: We did, and we didn't manage to see these "things" you speak of.
Pearson: They where, tall. Taller than a door.
Interviewer: We need more detail sir.
Pearson: What else do you need!
Interviewer: Now sir, there's no need to get angry. We just need information. After we get this information you may leave.
Pearson: They where black, and had no eyes. Every time the lights went out I saw them. Crying. The crying didn't stop…
Interviewer: Is there anything else?
Pearson: They always got closer to me, every time the light went out. Eventually they just, stopped.
<End Log, 13:01>
Closing Statement: Interview has been stopped at this point due to the Subject uncontrollably crying and refusing to carry on.

When looking back at the CCTV, there is no evidence of the humanoid figures approaching Subject 72 at any time during a black out. This leads us to believe that the light, when switched off, uses some sort of telekinesis to control the victim and make them hallucinate. When tested on animals the affect was different however, as it makes them go rabid and uncontrollable. This leads the animals to wildly attack anything that is a living life form, which would explain the reason the domestic dog attacked the young 13 year old when used by the father.

Due to the nature of SCP- not being able to work on its own, is not considered a real threat. Therefore there is no need for constant surveillance of the subject, and it can be left unmonitored for over 48h at a time.