Doctor Atlas

The door opened promptly and the interviewer entered.

"Ah, didn't know Agent Smith was tracking me. Neo is down the hall if you need him." He simply stared and sat down opposite of Aiden.

"Not in the mood for laughs? That's cool, I always am regardless." He fiddled with his boot laces.

"Were you briefed on my arrival?" The man in black pulled out a brief case and set it on the round table.

"Nope, was told a monochromatic man was asking for me. Is it an assignment you're offering?"

"No." He opened the case and removed a yellow folder. "Recently at one of our testing facilities there was an issue with the computers. A massive data corruption occurred in an unrelated incident, I'm just here to fill in the blanks on a few of their projects." He passed the folder to Aiden.

"Do you recognize this?" He asked.

Aiden opened the folder to reveal one sheet of paper.

Project: SCP-A5 "Ironman"


Project Start Date: 05/23/1997

Estimated Cost: $153,000,000

Project Goal:

To construct a near indestructible powered suit of armor, designed purely for SCP/POI detainment or elimination.

Research Team Lead: Dr. Acker

Assistant Leads: Dr. Morris, Dr. Jay

Requested Resources:

  • 25 fl. oz of SCP-006
  • SCP-018
  • 12 Ti 6al-4v Grade 5 Titanium bars 6 yearly hauls of SCP-143
  • 3 members of Mobile Task Force Λ-6
  • Materials necessary to assemble a testing facility.
  • 10 square km of deserted land
  • 1 C-17 Globemaster
  • 15 adult humans (D-Class) for testing purposes.

Project Details:

SCP-A5's internal framework will be similar in design to LIFESUIT XII, created previously by DARPA. The outside frame will be constructed of New Magnesium alloy with SCP-143 filling in the majority of the gaps. This will allow for an extremely durable suit capable of withstanding heavy fire.

The suits primary source of power will be SCP-018. A recent breakthrough in Prometheus Labs allowed the engineers to create a harness capable of absorbing the kinetic energy of SCP-018, to a near limitless degree. The harness will convert this kinetic energy to power SCP-A5 and a back-up battery, should SCP-018 be disconnected.

Three members of Mobile Task Force Λ-6 will be picked to undergo physical changes in order to survive the stress of operating SCP-A5. To endure the suits strain on the human body the three chosen members will consume modified samples of SCP-006. This will permit them to regenerate lost tissue at an accelerated rate, allowing for continuous usage of SCP-A5.

Once construction of SCP-A5 has been completed a three month training and testing period with MTF Λ-6 will begin. Should the results be favorable then SCP-A5 will be an official part of the MTF Λ-6 Armory.

Aiden examined it thoroughly. "You missed a spot."

"Hm?" The agent adjusted his glasses.

"One of the numbers is incorrect. It was actually ten members, not three." The agent took the paper and crossed out the number.

"Glad you found that, now I know you're the real deal." He placed the folder back in the briefcase. "As I said, the data corruption messed up a lot of our information on this project. This was all we could recover other than a list of the Λ-6 members."

"Why don't you ask them instead? Pretty sure at least three others still have memory of it."

"Well, the two of them are out on mission, couldn't get a hold of them. Four are dead, two of them were given Class C amnestics, and the last one is in comatose."


"A topic for another time. I need you to fill me in on the details of the project, how the suit worked, the training, the modified samples, all of it."

"Probably should've asked earlier, but what's your clearance on this? If I divulge any more details chances are you'll be terminated…"

"Oh it's not an issue, after every debrief I'm given amnestics. Clearance doesn't matter here." He pulled out a notebook and pencil. "Please, every bit helps here."

"Well, guess I'll start on how the suit functions."


They entered a large hangar. A blackboard was set up with a white coat standing in front, he was checking his watch. Must be anxious.

"Welcome, welcome. Please, take your seats. We have a lot to cover here." The ten of them grabbed their fold-up chairs.

"Great, great. Wonderful. I was warned by the guys at Prometheus not to go into the anomalous details, secrecy and all. So I'll give the basics on its functions and physics. I'm sure you all passed high school, so this should be a breeze."

The doctor taped a blueprint to the blackboard. "This is what you'll all be using. A mechanical breakthrough in technology. An exo-suit capable of extreme agility and an even deadlier kick." He circled the right boot of the suit.

"This right here, is the source of all your energy. Inside this little boot is a compressed version of SCP-018's containment cell with a few modifications."

"SCP-018? The super ball, right?"

"Mhm, the guys at Prometheus found a way to harness its kinetic energy and use it to power the suit. This also came with a few benefits."

"Such as?"

"Well, since it's attached to the boot it's able to exert a lot of force on anything we kick. I remember in training they built a replica of the Washington Monument and told us to kick it down. The first guy kicked it right at the base and whole thing crumbled like a failed game of Jenga."

"Interesting…" The agent continued to write notes. "What of the suit's make-up, its material.

"You have the paper in front of you, read the sheet!"

"We don't have any pictures of it, could you describe it?"

The doctor turned around. "Ah! Perfect! If you'll follow me we will show you a demonstration of its power." They all stood and followed the man across the hangar to a group of scientists. As they they followed the doctor turned, "Fair warning, this is the original prototype. It's not a final product and chances are the suit you'll all operate is going to be far more presentable."

As they approached a man wearing a brown suit and bowler hat quickly ran and grabbed the doctors coat. "Jay, you've gotta see this shit! I don't think I've been more excited in my life!"

"Dr. Acker I suggest you calm yourself, these are the-"

"Λ-6 members, I'm well aware!" He removed his hat and quickly bowed. "Greetings, gents! I hope you all aren't squeamish like Jay here! This is going to be a grand demonstration, please do not go past the yellow dotted line, you might be liquefied otherwise!" The quirky man giggled and ran back to a console.

"Don't be alarmed, he's only like this when he's given caffeine. Also he isn't lying about the liquefying, please stand behind the dotted line and observe." Dr. Jay viewed the terminal with Dr. Acker.

Centered behind the line a lady in an orange jumper was being secured into the suit. The suit was exactly as described in the blueprint, but colored completely in desert camo.

"Okay D-7423, are you able to move better then before?"

"It's a bit heavy…"

"That's normal, the suit is giving resistance so as to not allow you to hurt anyone here." Dr. Jay began typing into the console.

"Please center yourself in front of your target, D-7423."

"Wait, wait. You met Dr. Jay and Dr. Acker?"

"It was the only time actually, after that demonstration I haven't seen them since. Kinda odd since the suit I used was essentially their child."

"Was Dr. Acker that…abnormal?"

"He was definitely abnormal, eccentric, and bizarre. Search the word 'odd' in the thesaurus and he fits each term. He started the project, twice actually. Apparently it failed the first time but I don't have any info on that."

"And Dr. Jay?"

"Fine, a bit impatient. Otherwise he was okay, as far as doctors at the Foundation go."

"What happened during the demonstration?"

"They attached the boot to an old prototype and had a D-Class use it. They wanted her to kick a rubber tire against a sensor, to test its strength."

D-7423 moved carefully, making loud mechanical wurrs with each step. "That's a good chap, kick the tire with the sole of your right boot. Try to aim for red dot in the center of the sensor, we need an accurate reading."

D-7423 centered herself behind the tire and lifted her right foot. One of the soldiers leaned in to Aiden, "Why is she not wearing a helmet? I thought the suit had a-" She kicked the tire forward. It shot outside the hangar into the desert. Dr. Acker stared intently at the screen.

A minute passed and he leapt up, "Woo! The tire bounced with a force of 150,000 newtons! A new record…" He glanced at the console and flashed a look of worry at D-7423. "Deary, you may want to move…it's coming back."

D-7423 yelled, "Shit! Shit! Shit!" She began to move but the tire careened into her suit and sent her across the hangar. She flew headfirst into the concrete wall.

"Oh no! The suit!" Dr. Acker raced to her limp body. "Aw, bugger. I think she defecated in the suit as well…could we get a clean-up detail down here, please?"

"That was essentially the end of the demonstration. Two years later of training we got to see a final product. It had a translucent pink color on it, I assume it was from SCP-143."

"Got it." The agent scribbled a rough sketch of the suit. "You mentioned two years, what was your training period?"

"It was a five year training period in total. They trained us in every way you could imagine. Combat tactics, strategical warfare, SCP detainment or elimination, POI detainment or elimination, the list goes on."

"Mhm, what about SCP-006?"

Aiden leaned closer, "What about it?"

"Well, didn't you receive a sample?"

"No! I received a 'modified' sample!" Aiden cackled, "It was classified as SCP-006-1, a few changes to its chemical make-up and BAM, a far more efficient version of SCP-006."

"When did you receive these samples?"

"They gave us a two year warning. We would consume the samples after two years of training, but at a cost." The agent looked up at Aiden, "If we drank the water two side-effects would occur. One was unpredictable, we would have no idea what the sample would do to us. Out of 5 D-Class they tested, 3 died from the side-effects."

Aiden laughed until tears formed, "Oh my god, the side-effects were awful. Real nightmare fuel, haha!"

"How bad?"

"One guy morphed into a fish but stopped halfway, he somehow lived so he's now SCP-████. Another guy grew an extra leg on the back of his neck, it grew incredibly fast and left him disabled from the shoulders down. Due to his regeneration they couldn't remove it. Only four of us had side-effects that were easy to work with, the rest had bodily catastrophes of similar caliber."

"What was the other issue?"

"We would now be the lap dogs of the Foundation, no more personal lives. We would no longer be allowed to have families or friends outside Foundation precincts. Should we show any hint of disloyalty towards the Foundation we would be either killed or sentenced to life in SCP containment. Immortality comes at a price, eh?"

"Were there any benefits to this new version of SCP-006? Surely there must be."

"Oh yeah, we could survive damn near any damage we took. I got shot with 50. Caliber rounds to the chest and lost multiple organs. They grew back in 10 minutes and I resurrected myself. We were unstoppable, to a point. The sample came a genetic kill-switch, should we be deemed too dangerous."

"Well that's understandable." The agent continued to scribble, "So when the training was completed?"

"Oh yes, when it was over they classified the suit as an SCP and terminated the guys who were genetically fucked over by the samples. Me and the others were put into separate elements of Λ-6. Since that designation I haven't used the suit once, everyone else had side-effects less annoying than mine so they were picked before me."

Aiden stood up and stretched while the agent continued to write.

"Two more questions, Mr. Lincoln."


"Would you say your condition has worsened or made you unable to perform essential duties?"

"It's stayed the same since day one. Non-stop happiness hasn't changed my mental attitude since it's all it knows. The only thing that has changed are my roommates attitudes, they get pissed off from my goody-two shoes face way too often."

"M'kay, one more question."

Aiden sat down.

"MTF Λ-6 Element 11 needs a back-up operator to the suit for one of their black-op missions. Would you be interested in participating?"

Silence froze the room. Aiden just continuously grinned at the agent until his laughter broke the quiet, "Ha! Knew you were a recruiter. Don't get me wrong I'm interested, but what about the others? Surely they must be easier to work with."

"One's in comatose and the other is your target."

"What?" Aiden smiled.

"You'll be partnering with Michael in this operation, so should he fuck up you'll be the insurance."

"I'm sorry, target?" Aiden smirked.

"That's correct, your target is Jack."

Aiden grin was near inhuman, "So, it's a suicide mission."

"I'm told it's been dubbed 'Operation: Immortal's End', so best pack your bags."

"Yes, sir!" Aiden skipped out of the room and down the hall.

"Well that didn't take much," the agent mumbled. He pulled out his phone and called. "Yup, he agreed. No, no he's mentally stable. He remembers everything exactly as it happened. Mhm. Yes. Correct. We'll be on a plane by tomorrow. Much obliged Dr. Jay, see you in 24 hours."