Doctor Chad

SCP-567 Instant changing monster!

Object Class: Keter

Description: SCP-567 appears to be a pack based reptile creature.

It is to be stored on site-██ In a 50 x 100 box, all personnel who have went into SCP-567's containment have never come out, well at least in one piece.

SCP-567 has been studied to have high levels of intelligence, making it to speak almost all languages know to man.

Addendum 567-A

Doctor ████: "Hello"

SCP-567-A-1: "Where am I?"

Doctor ████: "You're in site-██."

SCP-567-A-1: "Why have I been locked up in this place you call site-██?"

Doctor ████: "You seem to not understand what you being uncontained has cost us!"

Doctor ████: "You've cost our site almost 90 field agents just capturing one of you!"

SCP-567-A-1: "Not my fault they had attacked me and my tribe…"

Doctor ████: "That's because you've been our sites most wanted, because the death of nearly 100 innocent citizens, at your "Tribes" hand."

SCP-567-A-1 no longer will respond to the doctor after that

End of log

After that SCP-567-A-1 Started to slam it's head on the class breaking it and causing the site to go into a major lock down after 4 SCP-567's had escaped.

All SCP-567-A were contained while SCP-567-A-1 was Terminated.

_Addendum 567-B

Doctor █████: "Hello are you there?"

SCP-567-B-8 Can be heard grunting in the corner.

Doctor █████: "SCP-567-B-8 Please respond."

SCP-567-B-8: "Yes Doctor."

Doctor █████: "It's great to see your not dead haha."

SCP-567-B-8 Stares at Doctor █████.

Doctor █████: "So it says here you were found it the ██████ Jungle correct?"

SCP-567-B-8: "Sure if you imply."

Doctor █████ Can be heard talking to the Guards in the room.

Doctor █████: "So can you tell me where you came from?"

SCP-567-B-8: "we came from the [DATA EXPUNGED]."

Doctor █████: "Write that down!"

SCP-567-B-8 Is seen to have changed colors. From Green to Blue. Making it look like a SCP-A.

Afterwards all SCP-B's had changed there colors into different ones.

All of the SCP-567's in the cell had escaped after the interview.

End of log

It is now seen that when information of one type of SCP-567 is found they will all change into different variants making them unpredictable.