Doctor Cimmerian
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Don't worry, there's no one else down here but you and me.

They left you because I snapped your ankle. Don't blame them.

Your other friends out there right now with the police. They'll convince them to come here with guns and tanks and no one will think they're crazy. No one will think they killed you.

Then again maybe no one is coming. They know what this looks like. Maybe they'll just go home. Better to live guilty than judged.

Honestly am I so bad? It's quiet, it's dark, and it's warm down here. Why would you want to go back to the cowards and killers?

Don't worry. You're the first friend I've had in years. We can play together! But first we need to take care of that ankle.

There. Now they're both broken. Don't scream! This is a happy place!

I'm sorry! I'll just take your feet away.

How did that make it worse? You're not being a very good friend. Don't be like them. Stop crying!

I'm going to cover up your face until you stop making noise. There. Isn't that better? Quiet.

We've got so much more time together.

Staying quiet is so much better isn't it? Friend? Friend?

Don't go.