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This message is going out to all site members and concerns enforcement of our images policy. If you haven't posted an article to the wiki, this is just good information for you to have in the future. If you have posted an article, this likely pertains to you.

Simply put, we're beginning work on January 1st, 2018 to bring the site as a whole into compliance with our images policy. If you have posted an article with an image then…

  1. The image must have come from another site, with a link to that other site posted on the discussion page of the article (If an image was created by you or another site user, see bullet 3).
  2. Only one of the following must be true about the image:
    • That image source must list the image as being under a Creative Commons License.
    • That image must have been released by the image's creator for use on the wiki.
    • That the image must have have entered the public domain.
  3. An image created by a site user (including yourself) for their own or others' works requires a post on the discussion page detailing who created it (a username is sufficient here) and releasing it on the site under the site license. This will exempt the image from requiring an offsite source.

The 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 variations of the creative commons license are compliant with the site's license. If the image's creative commons license contains a "No Derivatives" clause it may not be used in your article.

Here's an example of a properly sourced page post:

The image used in this article is public domain and can be found here:

That's it!

If your article already has a proper source listed on the discussion page, then your article is already compliant. Go you!

If the images on any article is not sourced properly the images will eventually be removed. There are approximately 2200 different articles for us to process, so if you notice that one of your images has been removed while others remain, understand that it's only a matter of time until we get to all of them.

Thank you for you assistance in resolving this problem!