Doctor Cimmerian

Item #: SCP-1903

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1903-1 is to be kept inside a 5 meter by 5 meter containment cell. One door with mechanical controls is to be installed for entering and exiting the cell. No windows are permitted. No personnel are permitted to enter SCP-1903-1's containment cell or make any contact with SCP-1903-1 between 2100 and 0700 local time, except as approved by a level 4 researcher. Monitoring equipment is allowed to be stationed inside the cell, however it must be turned off by 2100 and not activated until 0700 local time.

The cell is to be situated at the center of another cell of 10 meters by 10 meters. This secondary cell is to be occupied by one D-Class at all times. In the event of SPC-1903-1's death, the D-Class personnel occupying the secondary cell is to be designated SPC-1903-1, and proper containment procedures should commence as of 0700 the next morning.

To maintain the psychological well being of SCP-1903-1, the subject is to be provided with any entertainment he/she request within reason. The D-Class occupying the secondary cell will have his/her monthly termination delayed indefinitely as long as he/she chooses to remain in the secondary cell.

Description: Initial capture of SCP-1903 was achieved when the then current host SCP-1903 arrived at the outside gate of the [DATA EXPUNGED]. He asked to be arrested, and was taken into custody. Upon being placed in a holding cell, the host closed his eyes for the prerequisite time and activated the effect. Due to the nature of the effect, the state of the cell in which the host was confined, and a simultaneous activation of SCP-███, a containment breach of both SCP-1903 and SCP-███ were only very nearly averted in time. During the days prior to this incident, [DATA EXPUNGED] was monitored using the term "The Darkness" numerous times in communication.

SCP-1903 is an infectious anomalous effect which occupies one host at a time; SCP-1903-1. The anomalous effect takes place whenever the host closes his/her eyes for longer than 2 minutes and 7 seconds, or at 2116 local time, and lasts until 0654(regardless of activation time). Local time is always respected with regards to the times of activation and ending. Moving the host over timezone lines during an event will simply result in the effect ending at 0654 in the new local time.

The anomalous effect as displayed by the host absorbs all nearby light not directly emitted from the sun. The subject must be contained inside a room with 4 walls, a floor and a ceiling in order for the anomalous effect to be observed. Testing has indicated that when the room's ceiling is opened to the outside, the effect will no longer activate. Given the escape attempts by █ of the past hosts(see IR-1903-B), this is unfortunately no longer a valid containment procedure.

The effect of the anomalous event on SCP-1903-1 is two fold. First, the host loses consciousness. Second, the host dreams for the entire period, from activation until 0654 local time. EKG monitoring of the heart is sufficient to determine this without risk. Any monitoring of brain activity will extend the area of SCP-1903's effect. The content of the dream varies from host to host, but not from dream to dream. The host has been confirmed to encounter the same situations as in previous dreams, but with full knowledge of previous encounters. Interviews with hosts have been difficult to complete due to the effects of SCP-1903 on the host, however the dreams have been described as nightmares by all hosts.

Common environments encountered include halls of fire, tar pits, and boats made entirely of flesh and bone. The host is subjected to torture in all environments, the form of which is dictated by whatever the host feels is most gruesome. It has been shown that introducing a host verbally to a new form of torture that is subjectively worse than that previously described will result in encountering that form during the next event.

While these tortures are described as physical in nature, the effects on the host are invariably psychological and progress from the time of initial manifestation:

  • Week 1: The host displays symptoms of sleep deprivation, and mild symptoms of stress induced trauma.
  • Week 2: The host will begin to eat and drink less, whilst displaying more severe symptoms of stress induced trauma.
  • Week 3: The host will refuse all food and drink, whilst rocking back and forth in the corner or on his/her bed while muttering.
  • Week 4: Even with intravenous feeding, no hosts have survived past Day 20 of the effect.

The infectious nature of SCP-1903 is only apparent when the room or, in regards to insufficiently sealed environs, rooms are occupied by more than one person. When two or more subjects are present, all subjects encounter the anomalous effect, with the entire group present for the dream of the original host. The original host will die when the effect ends as will all but one of the others present. The survivor is now the new host. These effects are only encountered by those present when the effect triggers, with those entering the zone of effect during an event only describing "impossibly loud breathing" and darkness.

Monitoring equipment will extend the effect to any rooms currently viewing the host if the effect triggers while they are activated. Due to incident 1903-C which included the loss of ██ personnel, all monitoring equipment is to have automatic shut offs installed set to trigger at 2115 local time.

If daylight savings time costs us one more set of researchers, I swear I'll demote every technician who has ever worked on this project to D-Class.
Dr. K█████-█████

Finally, in the event of the death of SCP-1903-1 for any reason, the anomalous effect automatically triggers with the nearest human becoming a host to the effect. There is no known maximum range to this effect but due to the potential danger of testing, it has only been confirmed out to ██ kilometers.

Given that a single live recording of this object could be broadcast to and subsequently kill millions, I recommend this object be upgraded to Keter class immediately.
Dr. C████████

There are no indications that this object will breach the containment protocols we've set up, request denied.