Doctor DreamCaster
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be treated as a D-Class personnel until the end of the 30-day period when all remaining D-class are to be terminated(ensure that SCP-XXXX is not used in testing that may lead to his death). At that time, SCP-XXXX is to be taken to a containment cell until further instruction is given.

SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard Foundation containment cell at Site 17 with standard living essentials. The following is a list of items that were requested as of ██/██/20██:

  • Television (Approved, with limited channels)
  • The Holy Bible(Roman Catholic Version)(Approved)
  • Reading Material (Books,magazines,etc.)(Approved)
  • Music Player w/headphones (Approved)
  • Internet access(can only access video streaming sites, with communication features disabled.)
  • Cellular services(Denied)
  • Contact with family through written letter(Pending Approval)

SCP-XXXX is allowed Class 3 Socialization privileges as long as it cooperates with the Foundation.

SCP-XXXX is to see a psychologist every week to help with its avoidant personality disorder. It is recommend that SCP-XXXX be approached cautiously as to not cause SCP-XXXX distress, especially when SCP-XXXX has its headphones on.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Latino/Hispanic human male of Mexican decent named S█████ ███████ . SCP-XXXX is fluent in English and Spanish, the latter being of the standard Mexican dialect. SCP-XXXX is 152 cm tall and weighs 99.7 kg, which is a bit overweight for the male standard at that height.

When in contact with other humanoid SCPs or SCPs that cause humans to become a instance of the SCP, the SCP's anomalous effect will not affect SCP-XXXX, some object SCPs having a limited effect. This, however, does not stop the SCP's anomalous effect completely while SCP-XXXX is present, SCP-XXXX is merely not affected. As well, SCP-XXXX can still be hurt as of unanomalous means, for example, if SCP-XXXX is hurt by a humanoid SCP that's anomaly affects its strength, SCP-XXXX well take the impact as if it is being hurt by the average strength of that SCP's biological sex, physical size and age. It is currently unknown as to why SCP-XXXX is only immune to the anomalous effects of human based SCPs and not to most object based or location based SCPs.

Appendix 1: Circumstances of Acquisition: SCP-XXXX was originally a D-Class Personnel given the title "D-4267". During a containment breach by SCP-████, SCP-XXXX attempted to find a place to hide, which led to SCP-XXXX to enter the area where SCP-166 is contained,which is strictly forbidden for all male personnel. SCP-████ had past through the area earlier and caused all doors to malfunction, which allowed SCP-XXXX access to SCP-166's Class-B suite.

After SCP-████ was recontained a few minutes later, a all female mobile task force was sent to restrain SCP-XXXX . Upon entering SCP-166's suite, SCP-XXXX was found on the opposite side of the room looking away from SCP-166. Surprised by this, the task force restrained SCP-XXXX for questioning. (See Interview Log D-4267-1)

The following is a list of notable tests/incident reports involving SCP-XXXX and other SCPs that demonstrate the extent of the subject's anomalous effect. All tests listed are under SCP-XXXX's prior D-Class title.

Item: SCP-3424

Test Record:
D-Class Personnel 4267 was brought in to see if SCP-3424 would be more comfortable speaking to someone of the same ethnic background. After snapping his fingers and blinking, D-4267 begun to speak with SCP-3424-1, but no new information about SCP-3424 that was already know was brought up.
Note: Since SCP-3424's anomalous effect had still affected SCP-XXXX, it is questionable whether SCP-3424-1 is anomalous or not, meaning the Citrus limon is causing the anomalous effect. With this in mind, a request has been sent to O5 to approve testing SCP-XXXX with other humanoid SCPs to see if the SCP in question is anomalous in nature or not.

Item: SCP-2396

Incident Report:
D-4267 and another D-Class were introduced to SCP-2396-A to demonstrate to new field personnel how to terminate instances of SCP-2396-B. After consuming SCP-2396-A, D-4267 had not changed into SCP-2396-B. The other D-Class had turned into SCP-2396-B and begun to attack D-4267. D-4267 was hit at full force, but he only fell back by a couple feet. By that time, the instance of SCP-2396-B was terminated and D-4267 was transferred back to his cell. After examination, D-4267 had only suffered minor bruising.

Note: After this incident, it was forbidden to use SCP-XXXX in any testing which would may lead to serious harm or death.

Item: SCP-181

Test Record: To see if D-4267's nullifying effect extends to nullifying a SCP's overall anomalous effect, D-4267 and SCP-181 played the card game, War. Even after three games and shuffling the cards 150 times before each game, SCP-181 won each round without losing a single card.

Note: SCP-XXXX's nullifying effect appears to only extend to itself, and not completely nullify the effects of other SCP's when SCP-XXXX is present.

██/██/████:After looking over all known records for D-4267, The Board of Classification has determined that D-4267 is to be officially classified as a SCP as well as to be reclassified as a Safe SCP as he seems incapable of escape.

██/██/████: by orders of Doctor █████, SCP-XXXX is to take therapy once a week to help with its avoidant personality disorder for potential interactions with MTF for containment of SCPs.