SCP XXXX: The Faceless Child

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX needs to be in a in a 3 m x 3 m x 3 m steel and lead box there must be 3 layers to this box each layer must be 20 cm away for each other and in between the layer are 20 cm sound proof foam. The containment box has nothing in it other than the SCP. SCP XXXX must be kept in its chamber at all time unless for testing. SCP XXXX does not have the need to eat or drink. Its chamber must be supersized 5 times a day.

Description: SCP XXXX is a humanoid child it looks the age of around 10 to 12 but can be said to be around for 132 years. SCP XXXX stands around 2 m and has very little muscle mass. SCP XXXX is extremely spastic and has trouble standing up after being pushed over. SCP XXXX's skin tone is pale but has a large hint of grey. SCP XXXX has no hair of any kind on its body.

The subject has incredibly long finger nail.After testing, SCP XXXX's nails are found to be very sharp this was found after SCP XXXX's claws cut a doctor's whole arm off when they were trying to get SCP XXXX back into it's chamber. If SCP XXXX's nails were to be cut off, they fully grown back after a few days. If a living being if to come in contact of this SCP's nail that person is to have the felling of being paralyzed this can also cause them to have mental shock.

The subject seems to have it's face and genitals smoothed out so it is almost impossible to get it's gender. After further testing on SCP XXXX doctors seem to hear a strange soft whispering coming from the smoothed out face area. The language that the whispering was made from was unknown until staff personal thought that playing the recordings backwards might help. Then it was clear that SCP XXXX's whispering was English but backwards.

SCP XXXX can understand English very well and though it can speak English doctors need special equipment to understand the backwards speaking. SCP XXXX needs to be properly retained before interviewing only a few staff have had a chance to speak with SCP XXXX. All recording from SCP XXXX that isn't experiments with other SCPs can only be viewed by level 3 personal and higher.

SCP XXXX spends its time facing the corner scraping it's nails on the metal of the chamber wall making a very loud itching noise. If in the same room as SCP XXXX without proper equipment when this noise is made, the ears of that person will start to bleed the person will show immense pain and start to scream loudly at the pain. That person will faint and if is not killed by SCP XXXX will wake up and will be deaf for the rest of their life.

SCP XXXX is docile towards humans at and under the age of 12,XXXX plays with the child and speaks to them. Somehow the children understands what SCP XXXX is saying even without the gear. When the child is removed from SCP XXXX's chamber the child will want to go back and play this happens ever time the child is removed. When the request is denied the child starts to cry and demands to go back to play.Tests have shown that even the children who always obey their parents do demand to go back. After about 2 days of this the children calm down and go about their everyday lives. Whats weird about it is when asked about XXXX they seem to not to remember the subject.

If a living being older than 12 were to enter SCP XXXX's containment chamber or be seen by SCP XXXX will not under restraint XXXX would attempt to slaughter the victim by craving it's nails into the human then letting it bleed out to die.

The way that the SCP Foundation obtained XXXX is unknown but records say SCP XXXX injured a lot of agents in the process. XXXX's Origin is also unknown.