SCP-2XXX (Never Rush Perfection)
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SCP-XXXX held by D-32654 before Test-2XXX-4

Item #: SCP-2XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When not being used for testing, SCP-2XXX is to be kept in a secure locker at Site-██ with a password protected lock to prevent others from misusing its anomalous properties. Locker password is to be changed once per month week. (see Incident-2XXX-1)

Only researchers with Level 3 clearance are allowed free access to SCP-2XXX, but only for the purpose of testing. (see Addendum-2XXX-1) Any researcher found misusing SCP-2XXX's abilities is to be immediately reported to superiors and punishment can include, but not limited to, immediate termination.

After Incident-2XXX-2, which resulted in the creation of four, fully functional copies (SCP-2XXX-B through E) and one separate variant (SCP-2XXX-F), any and all researchers who wish to use SCP-2XXX-A through E, must first obtain approval from the Site Director and has to have passed a psychological evaluation. Misuse of the objects is not punishable by termination, but amnesiacs can and will be used if necessary.

SCP-XXXX-F after successful containment

Under no circumstances is anyone with below Level 4 clearance allowed access to SCP-2XXX-F without Site Director approval, and any employee found breaking procedure is to be immediately terminated. At this time, SCP-2XXX-F's anomalous properties are not fully understood and until its destructive capabilities are understood, special care must be taken when using it in testing.

Description: For the sake of making it easier to write files on SCP-2XXX-A through E, the objects A through E will referred to as SCP-2XXX-1-A, while SCP-2XXX-F will be referred to as SCP-2XXX-1-B.

SCP-2XXX-1-A are five, identical spheres, each with an approximate diameter of 5 cm and composed entirely of jade. Testing on SCP-2XXX-1-A have proven that they are nearly impossible to destroy. Each time one of the spheres is damaged, it will dull in color and begin repairing itself. How it accomplishes this feat is unknown at the current time.

While innactive, SCP-2XXX-1-A appears to be nothing other than a sphere of solid jade, however, when SCP-2XXX-1-A comes in contact with any living thing, hereby referred to as SCP-2XXX-2-A, that is about to perform any kind of task, SCP-2XXX-1-A influences SCP-2XXX-2-A to perform the task perfectly. However, one unfortunate side-affect of SCP-2XXX-1-A's influence is that if someone or something interferes with process at anytime before the task is completed, the task will not only fail, but do so in such a spectacular way, that in almost 92% of cases where this has happened, the damage was irreversible and SCP-2XXX-2-A expires. For testing on SCP-2XXX-1-A's properties, see the Test Log below.

SCP-2XXX-1-B is a solid, ruby sphere containing traces of blue kyanite with an approximate diameter of 5cm. SCP-2XXX-1-B was created as a result of deceased researcher Dr. ██████ being interrupted while attempting to make a fifth copy of SCP-2XXX through the use of SCP-038. SCP-2XXX-1-B fell from the tree and was caught by Agent ██████, who then tripped and [DATA EXPUNGED] after hitting the ground.

At the current time, little is known about SCP-2XXX-1-B, but it appears that it works in the exact opposite of SCP-2XXX-1-A, if not more spectacular when causing tasks to fail. Currently, all testing with SCP-2XXX-1-B is to be suspended until further notice, at least until the damage caused by containing it have been repaired.

The original SCP-2XXX was discovered by Agent ████████, in the town of █████, Brazil, while investigating reports of a "miracle doctor" who could successfully perform any surgery ranging from removing tumors to heart surgery. SCP-2XXX was found in the possession of local who claimed he had found SCP-2XXX when he was younger and had been using it a good luck charm. Class B amnesiacs were administered to the doctor and those who knew about SCP-2XXX, and SCP-2XXX was transferred to Site ██ for study.

SCP-2XXX Test Logs: The following is a a partial list of experiments performed using SCP-2XXX for the purpose of testing the limitations of its anomalous properties. For safety purposes, only D-Class who have passed a psychological evaluation were allowed to take part in the experiments.

Incident-2XXX-2: On 5/23/████, a new researcher removed SCP-2XXX from it's locker without permission in order to show off his bravery and luck by taunting some of the more dangerous SCPs. The researcher was found in the blast chamber holding a live grenade. When security entered the room, SCP-2XXX's negative effect apparently kicked in causing the researcher to fall and backwards and crack his skull. The grenade went off a second after he hit the ground. The researcher expired approximately 5 min after the grenade went off. Questioning revealed that the researcher had learned of SCP-2XXX's abilities and later the code to its locker from a memo that had been left on the counter in the break room. Since then, the locker code is to be changed weekly as apposed to monthly, and there is to be guard watching the locker at all times.