Doctor Hope
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SCP-2287 before retrieval

Item #: SCP-2287

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2287 is to be kept in a room approximately 5 meters by 5 meters large with a small writing table, stool, and cot for sleeping. SCP-2287 will only eat dried vegetables. SCP-2287's room is to be lined with silver bars inside the walls and a silver door.

Description: SCP-2287 is a young man of Celtic decent, approximately 25 years of age, 1.92 meters tall, and weighs approximately 75.7 kilograms. SCP-2287 has requested multiple times to be called Niles, and speaks both English and Gaelic. "Niles" possesses the ability to transform into a large canid biped resembling Canis lupus during the full moon, at which time it will proceed to attempt to assault any humans in the vicinity. Victims of SCP-2287 who survive the initial assault will slowly transform into smaller canid bipeds, hereby known as SCP-2287-1. SCP-2287-1 will proceed to assault any non-infected humans they comes across. Both SCP-2287 and SCP-2287-1 are highly vulnerable to silver in any purity, which can cause anaphylaxis, which is to be carried by any researchers or D-class personal preforming interviews on SCP-2287.

Addendum: Requests placed by SCP-2287 to be called Niles have been approved by Site █ command. However, the request to be allowed to explore Site █ has been denied by O5 Command.
SCP-22- Niles, I mean, is too dangerous to be allowed to wander about. Sorry, but we're drawing the line. -Dr. █████

Interview Log 2287

Interviewed: SCP-2287

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: SCP-2287 has requested to speak with Dr. █████ regarding his containment.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: So, SCP-2287, I see you wanted to inquire about your detainment here.

SCP-2287: My name is Niles, not "SCP-2287". When will you understand that, lady?

Dr. █████: Well Niles, how did you come across this… ability of yours?

SCP-2287: Heh. Long story, there. See, I didn't just become… whatever I am.

Dr. █████: You were born with the ability to become a wolf?

SCP-2287: Pretty much. I don't remember when the changes began. Just sorta… happened.

Dr. █████: What of your attempt to attack ███████? How do you explain that?

SCP-2287: I can't control it, no matter what. Also, those changes hurt. All I really recall is
that pain.

Dr. █████: I see. Don't worry. We can help you control this.

SCP-2287: Thank you. And… I'm sorry about your friends.

Dr. █████:

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After her interview with SCP-2287, Dr. █████ was found in her quarters deceased, having committed suicide.